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Conor Arrested with $153,000

A man who arrived at Nashville Airport with a whole lot of cash was taken into custody after being questioned. Conor Guckian was arrested when he was found to have $153,000 in the form of banknotes in his luggage. It is suspected that the real reason behind the possession of such a huge sum was for money laundering purposes.

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Arrested with $153,000 for Money Laundering Purposes

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Conor Arrested with $153,000

It was an odd scenario that emerged when a man showed up for a flight from Tennessee to California with $153,000 on him. When questioned by the authorities, he started making the usual excuses. Some of his statements didn’t tally. 

First he said that he wanted to buy gold in California with $153,000. Then he said that he was just visiting a friend. He furthermore spoke of how the chartered flight he was to book in return for all that $153,000 cash was for reasons having to do with security. The police detained him and grilled him regarding the truth of the situation. 

It was only when the pack of sniffer dogs was let loose on the money that part of the puzzle was solved. The banknotes which were held together by rubber bands were laced with the remains of cocaine. The behavior of the dogs was clear proof that the legal tender was to be used for drug smuggling or money laundering objectives. 

The man was arrested and  taken into police custody and is currently being held on a $10,000 bond. They say crime doesn’t pay but some criminals make their motives so obvious by their irrational behavior that catching them is a cinch. 

Source: Reuters

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