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VW Super Bowl 2014 Ad Teaser Contains these Spoofs

Jan 22 2014, 3:01am CST | by

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VW Super Bowl 2014 Ad Teaser Contains these Spoofs

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VW Super Bowl 2014 Ad Teaser Contains these Spoofs

Volkswagen may have created a new parlor game with the release of a teaser for its Super Bowl XLVIII ad: Identify all the automotive and other brands, in the Big Game and other venues, whose advertising it is spoofing in the teaser.

VW certainly has earned the right to parody any TV ad it wishes, especially when Volkswagen itself is among the spoof-ees. The brand has been a trailblazer in the use of light and winning humor not only in advertising in general but especially in Super Bowl commercials. Its “Little Darth Vader” spot two years ago became the most virally shared Super Bowl ad of all time.

The teaser — which may or may not resemble what Volkswagen ultimately fields during the Super Bowl itself — opens with self-parody, featuring a “German engineer” using an “algorithm” to come up with “the most successful Volkswagen ad” and “the ultimate commercial for your big American football festival.” Among the elements of the formula listed on a white board behind him are “twerking,” “groin hits,” “celebrities”  and “puppies.”

Things start OK in the circus-like atmosphere surrounding a VW Passat but then begin to degenerate when Baywatch babe Carmen Electra gyrates into the car, setting off the alarm. Then a little man mistakenly fires a tennis ball into the groin of an old man. And the scene becomes hilariously chaotic from there.

And that’s where the fun comes in, as the spot takes some light shots at other advertising by car and Super Bowl brands. They include quick glimpses of an astronaut (from Axe’s space campaign), an Abraham Lincoln character (are you watching, Lincoln?), babies (remember E*Trade’s go-to theme?), Las Vegas showgirls (with a bow to Coca-Cola's epic social-media-based ad from the last Super Bowl), a dinosaur (featured recently in Buick ads), and a bikini-clad woman “washing” the car (a wink at Kate Upton in teasers for last year’s Mercedes-Benz CLA ad before the Super Bowl).

For good measure, Volkswagen has “#” and “@” signs tip off the wall behind the scene.

How many other advertising “tributes” can you find in the VW teaser?

Disclaimer: The author has done communications work for Volkswagen of America.


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