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Dan Aykroyd's Loyalty lies with the Law

The actor Dan Aykroyd was recently sworn in as a reserve sheriff’s deputy in Mississippi and now his loyalty lies with the law. The Ghostbusters and Dragnet thespian wants to lend his crime-fighting services to the community and has humbly accepted his role within the law.

Jan 28 2014, 3:28am CST | by

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Dan Aykroyd sworn in as Mississippi Sheriff’s Deputy
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Dan Aykroyd's Loyalty lies with the Law

He is a Canadian who is known for his acting chops. Yes, we are talking about none other than good old Dan Aykroyd. The man who spent his time on-screen zapping ghosts into non-existence has decided to pursue a more practical role in real life. He was getting on in years and so Dan took to joining the law. 

In particular, he was sworn in by the sheriff Tyrone Lewis as a reserve deputy for the Mississippi Hinds. Aykroyd has served his time with the law forces before he seriously began his acting career. Dan appreciated the warmth and camaraderie in the ranks of the law enforcement officials. 

"It's an honor to join these ranks today. I understand the challenges that law enforcement face in today's world," Dan Aykroyd said during his induction ceremony.

He especially had kind words of admiration and adoration for the chief, Tyrone. Dan referred to his stylish looks as the epitome of carrying oneself well. He said that such dashing style and panache were seldom seen in people. Aykroyd is in his 60s and looking forward to a change in his life. 

Already such people as Ashton Kutcher have chosen such fields as engineering besides pursuing their usual Hollywood career. Aykroyd had made a sincere request to the department and Tyrone finally paid heed to it. In fact, the whole department is welcoming Dan on board. He is a valuable asset for the police forces.  

Source: NYDailyNews


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