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Infer Opens Up Its predictive Intelligence Engine

Jan 29 2014, 2:53am CST | by

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Infer Opens Up Its predictive Intelligence Engine

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Infer Opens Up Its predictive Intelligence Engine

Infer is one of a new breed of vendors that aims to use technology to “softwareize” what used to be the key differentiator between an OK salesperson and an amazing one. Back in the day, what really differentiated a top-gun salesperon was the ability to just “know” which prospects where the most likely to convert. Salespeople had a kind of sixth sense which enabled them to prioritize their work in just the right way to maximize results. Of course in this day and age relying on people’s intuition to make decisions is totally uncool and hence we have software taking over that job for us.

These solutions mine the plethora of data that organizations have to deliver insights and answers – these may be insights into the best pricing strategy that could be applied or they  could be focused on delivering higher levels of retail sales . Of course some would say that it is almost evil to be building tools simply to allow people to sell more useless stuff to consumers whose lives are already made stressful by paying for the copious quantities of useless stuff they already have. However the moral discussion about the perils of a modern consumer society is beyond the scope of this article – the fact is that organizations are calling for these tools so the vendors are delivering. Small startups like AgilOne and the large vendors like SAP with HANA are working in this space.

Infer delivers on this market demand. Over the past three years it has created a predictive lead scoring engine that amasses different signals from within and outside the organization to score different leads about their propensity to convert. But until now Infer had delivered this service as something of a black box, customers got the lead scoring but didn’t have the flexibility to dive inside and really manipulate how those algorithms were working on the data. Infer is changing that today by offering its “Smart Signals” service both as a standalone service or as an add-on to its existing lead scoring models.

It’s a pretty cool development – while the science behind Infer’s models is really useful for its primary use case, there are also a number of different sales and marketing use cases where the data can be useful – with this tool Infer is delivering insights into leads, contacts and accounts directly into the CRM or marketing automation systems that an organization uses – indicators like company size, technology vendors, web traffic, business model and industry are ones that Infer has found to be highly predictive for their use case, and posits that they will be for others as well. The idea being that using these tools the effectiveness and efficiency of sales and marketing operatives will be increased since they can prioritize based on quality.

Smart Signals brings Infer into a competitive space that is dominated by organizations like Dun and Bradstreet and Equifax , massive companies that amass corporate data and sell it on by way of expensive subscriptions. It’s nice to see a more automated and efficient way of gathering data offered to customers, it’s also useful to see these tools delivered directly inside of the applications sales and marketing employees use. The traditional vendors however aren’t standing still, I covered recently D&B’s partnership that sees it bring unstructured data into it’s primary products.

Either way, it’s good to see Infer open the box a little on the insights it delivers – while selling more stuff isn’t the loftiest of goals, while commerce exists, there will be a demand for tools like this.

Source: Forbes


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