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Google Glass Arrives with Four Prescription Options

Google has delivered on its promise. Google Glass has finally arrived with four prescription options. Termed: Bold, Thin, Split and Curve, they offer a customized visual experience at $225 per frame for everyone.

Jan 28 2014, 9:17am CST | by

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Google Glass Arrives with Four Prescription Options
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Google Glass Arrives with Four Prescription Options

Google has always been about thinking big. The Granddaddy of Search Engines truly goes for the moon-shot. Well, have we got news for you. Its Google Glass has come up in an exciting series of prescription frames which can be yours for a mere $225 each. The adaptive lenses are part and parcel of these spectacles. 

The Google Glass itself will cost you a lot more than the $225 though. It will put you back by at least $1500. That would be pricey or affordable depending on the thickness of your wallet. All four of the frames are composed of titanium. That means that they are made of strong stuff. 

Slight in structure and featherweight, the four prescription lenses are very stylish indeed. They have been chosen after examining hundreds of models and peeling away the excess dross thereby revealing the cool, classic look. It is all ultimately about the shape and form of the frames. 

Although they are not exactly accessories to Google Glass, these pairs of glasses don’t work by themselves. The reason is their mismatched structures. They are meant to go well with Google Glass. They slip on to Google Glass and the beautiful thing is it all takes place so naturally without any hitch. 

The solid interface of the two doesn’t feel like construction blocks. And one more thing: Google is not about to sell them at an optometrist’s prescription. It doesn’t work that way. They’re good to wear and they come with the main product. It’s as simple as that.    

Source: The Verge , Google Glass (G+)


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Unlike Google Glass, Android Wear probably won’t get iOS support

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When Google introduced Google Glass, the wearable display only worked with Android phones and tablets. It took some time, but last December Google created a MyGlass companion app for iOS, allowing iPhone owners to get most of the same functionality from Glass as Android users. That’s not likely going to happen with Android Wear, however. The first clue was when Dave Singleton, Google’s Android Engineering Director, shared ...
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From Google To SmartThings: A Dealmaker Talks

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Google Glass

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14 Google Glass innovative uses In education

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Update: 3

Anyone in the U.S. can now buy Google Glass (but it’s still in beta and still $1,500)

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After offering its Google Glass wearable to just about anyone in the U.S. for one day only last month, Google seems ready to sell the $1,500 gadget to more people in the region. However, the Google Glass product is still in beta, and it’s still as expensive as before. Furthermore, while Google is extending the Google Glass purchase program, the device will still be available only to U.S. buyers. “Last week we told you we’d be trying out new ways ...
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Update: 2

You're on the invite list! Google Glass now on sale to everyone in the US

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Google Glass just became a little less exclusive today, as the search engine giant declared that its wearable computer is now on sale to everyone in the US."Starting today, we're allowing anyone to purchase Glass on the Glass retail site," confirmed a Google spokesperson to TechRadar."We look forward to welcoming in new Explorers who will each play a critical role in making Glass better ahead of a wider consumer launch." ...
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Google's $1,500 Glass Costs Just $153 to Manufacture

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Google Glass sells for $1,500 -- but has hardware and manufacturing costs that amount to just $152.47, according to a dissection of the product conducted by the Teardown Analysis Service at IHS Technolog ...
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