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Corsair's Hydro H75 Liquid Cooler Can Make Your PC Run Forty Degrees Cooler

Jan 29 2014, 5:57am CST | by

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Corsair's Hydro H75 Liquid Cooler Can Make Your PC Run Forty Degrees Cooler

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Corsair's Hydro H75 Liquid Cooler Can Make Your PC Run Forty Degrees Cooler

If you bought your PC from a store, even if you paid top dollar for it the chances are it has a pretty lowly, noisy cooler dealing with the heat the computer’s processor makes.

Popping open the side panel will reveal the main motherboard, usually mounted vertically at the back, with a large fan mounted to it. This is the processor cooler, which cools the main processor, also known as the CPU, of your PC.

It’s usually the hottest-running component and will get pretty warm when you’re doing tasks such as photo or image editing, gaming or streaming video. Operating at high temperatures can cause stability problems, blue screens errors and even shorten the lifespan of your PC.  It’s no wonder then that most PC enthusiasts get the best CPU cooler they can afford and some even fit water-cooling systems like those in a car to cool their PCs.

These usually cost hundreds of dollars, but in recent years, CPU cooler companies such as Corsair have begun offering all-in-one liquid-cooling units that cost as little as $60 and they’re  easy to fit even if you bought your PC from a store too.

Corsair’s latest all-in-one liquid cooler is the Hydro H75, and it uses a single 120mm fan radiator that mounts to an existing fan slot in your case. You’ll obviously need one of these fan mounts either at the rear or in the roof of your case to be able to fit it. To check, measure the fan that’s in the mount – you’re looking for one that’s 120mm across.

At the other end is a pump that sits on top of the CPU and cools it using a copper contact plate – just like a normal cooler. It’s easy to fit too – you just secure the mount and fan cables to the motherboard, slot in the cooler and tighten four thumb screws, while the radiator attaches to your case in a standard fan slot using included screws.

Once it’s installed, you’ll find it’s far, far quieter than the Intel reference cooler or most other air coolers for that matter, especially when you’re doing demanding tasks such as editing videos or photos or playing games. In addition, your processor will be running a huge amount cooler too. To see just how much cooler, you can use a program called Core Temp . Install this with your old cooler in the system and check the temperatures.

Then, install the Hydro H75 and run the program again. In my test system, the different was a massive 40 degrees Celsius compared to the Intel reference cooler my CPU came with, which crept up to 80 degrees under load with this dropping to just 40 degrees with the H75 installed.

The Hydro H75 costs around $85 at the moment and is compatible with nearly all PC motherboards made in the last 10 years. It can improve your PCs cooling and noise massively. If you’re thinking of replacing your cooler with the H75 but aren’t sure about how to do it, feel free to ask me in the comments. You can read more about the Hydro H75 over on Corsair’s website .

Source: Forbes


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