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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Address Customers, Partners (LIVE)

Feb 4 2014, 3:12pm CST | by

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Address Customers, Partners (LIVE)

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Address Customers, Partners (LIVE)

Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella is addressing customers and partners in a live webcast from the software maker’s headquarters.

Here’s a play by play.

  •  12:00: Nadella says he’s happy to talk with customers and partners first, after already addressing employees this morning.
  •  He’s asked to go through his background and reflect on his appointment as CEO. “It’s a thing I’ve reflected more on in the last 24 hours than the 22 years I’ve been at Microsoft.” Says he joined Microsoft when he was 24.
  • What’s going to define Microsoft going forward is a mobile first, cloud first world…The question for us is how do we drive in that world. The co-evolutin of hardware and software is going to define what’s going to happen..Everything is going to be connected to cloud and data…All of this will be mediated by software.
  • To me, the heritage this company has is still very relevant. We have to renew it. We have to do new things. But at the same time we should be very confident of our software.
  • Now talking about building devices that encapsulate the new rich experiences that customers expect. Again, the core is that software empowers everyone.
  • 12:08: What is your perspective in terms of the company strategy around consumer versus business?
  • He says Microsoft shouldn’t compartmentalize around consumers versus business. “It starts with the user. The user is going to have a life at work and a life at home. How do we mediate that.”
  • “We definitely have a devices and services strategy that will come together in creating great experiences” for consumers and for IT. He says Microsoft calls it people-centric IT.
  • The PC ecosystem is one of the broadest, open ecosystems that ever was. Needs to be redefined in mobile context, he says. “We want to make sure in everything we do we bring new partnerships to bear…It’s not about being static in defining any particular business model or partnership. It’s about evolving that.”
  • Nadella asked about his comment, in an email to employees earlier, that the industry doesn’t care about tradition — what you’ve done in the past — but about innovation. Need to renew. “Microsoft exists today for having done that on a repeated basis for a long time.” Since everything we do will be digitally mediated, it will all be changed by software. “Software embodied in our services and devices — Microsoft has a unique role to play.”
  • Q: What are your priorities for the next few months? He says the first thing is that internally and externally, there’s a lot to learn. “We have Nokia joining our company once the deal closes. There’s a lot to learn.” He says he’ll be on the road meeting with customers, partners and investors.”
  • Says Microsoft has a strong leadership team, and he calls out Microsoft COO Kevin Turner.

Source: Forbes


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