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Vladimir Putin Secures Sochi Olympics 2014

The Sochi Olympics in Russia have been made safe and secure by President Vladimir Putin. After building all the infrastructure and architecture from scratch, the people who gave the world the KGB, the Kalashnikov and Vodka are ready to host the Winter Olympics in 2014.

Feb 5 2014, 8:26am CST | by

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Vladimir Putin Secures Sochi Olympics 2014
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Vladimir Putin Secures Sochi Olympics 2014

President Vladimir Putin was present at the occasion to greet the Olympic Committee officials. He didn’t let the moment go to waste. The black belt in judo petted two Persian leopards. They were endangered species and he was showing off his nation’s concern for wildlife. 

''We've decided to restore the population of the Persian leopard because of the Olympic Games,'' Vladimir Putin said. ''Let's say that because of the Olympic Games, we have restored parts of the destroyed nature.''

Then he went ahead and extolled the Russian people and Russia for showing the spirit of magnanimity that characterized their passion for hosting the Olympics. The President was wary of foreign leaders like Obama who has almost boycotted the Sochi Olympics due to Russia’s dismal gay rights and human rights record. 

"We had such a high threat scenario in the Winter Games 12 years ago in Salt Lake City just after 9/11," International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said Monday.

But the Sochi Olympics security arrangements this time around are very tight. Several dangers are being faced by the administrators. Black widows, female suicide bombers, are the number one concern for now. Their husbands were terrorists that have been killed. So they are out for revenge. 

All Vladimir Putin can do is hold his breath and count the numbers till the Winter Olympics 2014 event is over. The Islamic threat to the Russian Federation remains especially from its southern regions. There have been sporadic incidents and at the Olympics the police forces will have to be extra-vigilant. No one wants any trouble. That is why security is being beefed up all along the area that comes within the ambit of the Sochi Olympics site.  

Source: Yahoo Sport s, USA Today


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Update: 11

Sarah Palin launches her own TV channel!

Source: Oh No They Didn't!

Sarah Palin has launched her own online news channel.The former Republican vice presidential candidate has set up the subscription-based website to speak "directly" to the public, without having to "please the powers that be".The Sarah Palin Channel launched on Sunday (June* 27) and already features videos on Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as a quote of the day. She has also included a running tally of the national debt and a countdown timer of the days left for B ...
Source: Oh No They Didn't!   Full article at: Oh No They Didn't! 3 hours ago, 6:02pm CDT


Update: 10

Business Highlights

Source: Canadian Business Online

___ US companies increasingly fish for growth overseas SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Major U.S. companies are starting to reap their most rapid growth in fertile lands of opportunity far from home. Technology trendsetters Apple Inc., Google Inc., Facebook Inc. and Netflix Inc. all mined foreign countries to produce earnings or revenue that exceeded analysts’ projections in their latest quarters. Prodded by the steadily ...
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Update: 9

Episode 25: Crisis in Gaza and a Court Case over Flight MH17

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Update: 7

U.S. sales to Russia have only risen since sanctions imposed

Source: McClatchy DC

In the months since the United States imposed sanctions on Russian businesses and close associates of President Vladimir Putin’s, an odd thing has happened: U.S. exports to Russia have risen.Click to Contin ...
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Update: 6

Russian BUK Missile System v. American HAWK Missile System - Is There Any Possibility of Another Similar Flight MH-17 Shoot Down Occurrence?

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

It is an understatement to say that the whole world was stunned to learn on Thursday, July 17, 2014 that a commercial/civilian aircraft had been shot out of the sky by a medium range surface-to-air missile. But it is true -- various respected media outlets have reported that a Russian-made BUK/SA-11 medium range surface-to-air missile system locked onto Malaysia Airline's Flight MH-17 flying at approximately 33,000 feet and ...
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Update: 5

Russia Celebrated Its Navy Day In Recently Annexed Crimea

Source: The Business Insider

Russia celebrated its de-facto annexation of Crimea by holding its annual Navy Day celebration in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol yesterday.  Navy Day is a national holiday in Russia typically held on the last Sunday of July. The holiday originated with the Soviet Union, which first celebrated Navy Day in June 1939. Ukraine has also celebrated Navy Day on the last Sunday in July since 2012, when it a ...
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Update: 4

Russians pushing out Ukraine’s separatist rebels as leaders of self-proclaimed republic of Dnoetsk

Source: National Post

KYIV/DONETSK, Ukraine — As Ukrainian troops gained ground in eastern Ukraine in recent weeks, a number of native Russians have taken charge of the separatists’ rebellion. Separatist leader, Aleksander Borodai, a Russian national, left for Moscow for political consultations in early July. After what he described as successful talks with unnamed people there, he returned to the rebel stronghold of Donetsk to introduce a new senio ...
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Update: 3

10 Things You Need To Know Before The Opening Bell (FDO, DLTR, HLF, TSN, DENN)

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Good morning and welcome to a monster week for economic data, where we'll learn both the latest GDP reading, and celebrate Jobs Day Friday. Here's what you need to know. 1)  Dollar Tree is buying Family Dollar for $74.50 per share, a 22.8% premium. Family Dollar is up 20% premarket. Carl Icahn was recently Family Dollar's largest stakeholder and stands to make up to $131 million. 2)  The Hague has ruled Russia must pay a group of sha ...
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Update: 2

Who stands to gain from MH17?

Source: Asia One

THE Russian military has released military monitoring data which challenge allegations circulating in the media pertaining to the MH17 crash in the Donetsk Region of Eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. Questions have been raised about Kiev military jets tracking MH17, Ukrainian air traffic controllers and the deployment of Buk missile systems. Kiev should also release military data on the circumstances leading to the crash. So ...
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Update: 1

John Oliver Urges Viewers to Flood Russian Gov’t Website with #GoGetThoseGeckos Campaign

Source: Big Government

On his weekly Sunday HBO program “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver challenged his viewers to unite behind the cause of urging the Russian government to rescue a satellite of which it had lost control that contains geckos as part of a study of sex of living organisms. “You might be saying, ‘Look John, why are you making such a big deal out of this? Aren’t there more important things going on in the world?’” he said. “Yes, obviously almost everything is more important than this. Ukraine is ...
Source: Big Government   Full article at: Big Government 22 hours ago, 11:38pm CDT

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