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Miley Cyrus answers Matt Peterson regarding Prom Invite

Miley Cyrus was requested by her #1 fan Matt Peterson in a video that went viral to be her prom date. She answered that, though she wouldn’t be able to make it to his prom night, he was welcome to hang out with her at her upcoming show.

Feb 10 2014, 1:51am CST | by

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Miley Cyrus Refuses Prom Invite
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Miley Cyrus answers Matt Peterson regarding Prom Invite

Matt Peterson is crazy about Miley Cyrus. The 17 year old high school student made a video that has been doing the rounds. In it he strips naked and with a foam finger and a bouquet of a dozen roses entreats Miley Cyrus to be his prom date this year. He promises that he won’t cry all over her dress. 

Of course, Matt has seen Miley before. He met her once after a concert. He cried that time. And she shouted out his name from onstage once too. Clearly, this boy is nuts about the pop star who is famous for her high jinks and twerking. 

Matt promised Miley that he would give her the best night of her life. The YouTube clip he made to entice the star went viral. 

But Miley politely stated that she won’t be coming to the prom. She did however promise him that he was welcome to join her at her next show and stick around for some good times. Miley affixed an emoji kiss and said “don’t forget a corsage”. 


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Update: 11

iHeartRadio Chooses Beyonce For Best Summer Bod

Source: Oh No They Didn't!

Among stars in the music industry, Beyoncé has the best summer body, according to results from the latest iHeartRadio HeartBeat survey.Jennifer Lopez ranks second in the July poll of listeners.Shocked? Didn't think so.Here's the full list:Beyoncé 27.30%J.Lo 23.00%Gwen Stefani 18.52%Usher 9.82%Jake Owen 9.56%Miley Cyrus 7.32%Flo Rida 3.27%Lil Wayne 1.21%-------------Source 1 2Obviously faces weren't a factor if Heavy Flo and Lil Troll Un ...
Source: Oh No They Didn't!   Full article at: Oh No They Didn't! 7 hours ago


Update: 10

Miley Cyrus and BFF Cheyne Thomas Give Each Other Tattoos—See the Pics!

Source: E Online

Miley Cyrus took her obsession for ink to a whole new level over the weekend when she opted to add yet another title to her ever-growing resume: tattoo artist. The 21-year ...
Source: E Online   Full article at: E Online 13 hours ago, 6:52pm CDT

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Update: 9

Great Job, Internet!: Nosemouth is the Tumblr for all your celebrities-with-huge-noses-and-no-mouth needs

Source: The A.V. Club

Celebrity photos are subjected to Photoshop all the time, either by publicists seeking to clear up unwanted perceived defects, or by the people of the Internet in order to, for example, celebrate an actor’s particularly amusing facial feature. Media designer Philip Pastore has added his own take on the fine art of digitally deforming the great and beautiful with his new Tumblr, Nosemouth. With the straightforward sl ...
Source: The A.V. Club   Full article at: The A.V. Club 15 hours ago, 4:15pm CDT

Update: 7

Miley Cyrus Goes Under The Gun As She & Her Assistant Give Each Other New Tattoos!!!

Source: PerezHilton

Is there anything she can't do?! On top of being a triple-threat, Miley Cyrus can now add tattoo artist to her lengthy resume. That's because she and her assistant/best friend Cheyne Thomas gave each other tattoos over the weekend! Miley posted some pictures of the ink-ing to her Instagram; one showing her with the tattoo gun, and another of Cheyne's finished product. The 21-year-o ...
Source: PerezHilton   Full article at: PerezHilton 18 hours ago, 1:40pm CDT

Update: 6

Liam Payne's been dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow - Let's celebrate with One Direction's best fancy dress moments ever

Source: Sugarscape

Fancy dress is just second nature to the One Direction boys these days, innit? Whether it's Zayn's making us think things about girls we'd never thought possible as Veronica Malik or Harry Styles hanging about as Miley Cyrus in nude latex, they're always at it. So OBVIOUSLY Liam's actually worn some clothes for once and dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow off of Pirates of the Carribbean. ...
Source: Sugarscape   Full article at: Sugarscape 1 day ago, 7:58am CDT

Update: 5

Guess that Actress . . . and the morning links


What actress does that butt belong to? Identity revealed on PAGE 2 (click the picture to jump) . . . + Miley Cyrus is lacking a top [The Superficial] + 13 Celebrities in Thong Bikinis [Celebuzz] + Selena Gomez... full story ...
Source:   Full article at: 1 day ago, 5:03am CDT

Update: 4

Bolly pops! The world's first champagne ice lolly goes on sale in the UK (and it only has 100 calories) 

Source: Daily Mail - UK

The luxurious treat is said to already be a hit with celebrities such as Kate Moss and Miley Cyrus and is being sold at events and festivals around the UK. ...
Source: Daily Mail - UK   Full article at: Daily Mail - UK 1 day ago, 8:37pm CDT

Update: 3

What Every Successful Person Needs To Know About Juicy J, And How You Too Can Stay Trippy For Life

Source: All HipHop

  Steven Paul Jobs was able to revolutionize the world by insisting on a seamless, symbiotic relationship between art and technology. In order to invest in the philosophy, one must “think differently,” a slogan used to this day to market not only Apple products but the entire Apple philosophy. Influenced by the German Bauhaus school of thought in which artistic excellence is achieved through simplicity and understated design, Jobs (and the actual engineers who made th ...
Source: All HipHop   Full article at: All HipHop 1 day ago, 12:32pm CDT

Update: 2

10 things we wish celebrities would tweet: One Direction, Justin Bieber, 5SOS and more

Source: Sugarscape

Twitter's a funny old thing, isn't it? Who'd have ever thought the celebs could fit so much social media sass and get so stroppy in just 140 characters? But between all those sparkly heart emojis and trending topics, there are a few things we're *dying* to see those famous fellows yapping on about on our timelines. Will Ed Sheeran ever address our brief love affair, for instance? Just when is Miley Cyrus ...
Source: Sugarscape   Full article at: Sugarscape 2 days ago, 5:00am CDT

Update: 1

Woman Twerks on Man's ENORMOUS Belly: Watch If You Dare!

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Well... we were wrong. Horribly, terribly, shocking, disgustingly wrong: there actually is something more disturbing to watch then a grandmother Twerking. In the following video, Three 6 Mafia rapper DJ Paul films a woman grinding all up on a man’s GIANT beer bully at the Gathering of the Juggalos, a music festival held each year in Thornville, Ohio. WARNING: This is as gross as it sounds. Watch now... if you dare! Woman Twerks on Giant Beer Gut It's pretty much the opp ...
Source: The Hollywood Gossip   Full article at: The Hollywood Gossip 3 days ago, 2:00pm CDT

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