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Five of the Coolest Kickstarter Projects in Games and Technology

Some of the coolest projects on Kickstarer for February 2014

Feb 12 2014, 12:42pm CST | by

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Five of the Coolest Kickstarter Projects in Games and Technology

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Five of the Coolest Kickstarter Projects in Games and Technology

If you aren't familiar with Kickstarter, you are missing out one of the most innovative crowd sourced funding platforms around. Kickstarter is the place that people go when they have a great idea, and perhaps a great prototype or project and they need money to make their dreams real. The products available on Kickstarter run the gamut from food and art to technology and games with lots of stuff in between.


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Five of the Coolest Kickstarter Projects in Games and TechnologyFive of the Coolest Kickstarter Projects in Games and TechnologyFive of the Coolest Kickstarter Projects in Games and Technology

Today I am going to check out five of the coolest Kickstarter projects that are out there as of February 2014 seeking funding. These products are specifically from the technology and games categories. Some of the projects here have hit their funding goals and some of them still need help to raise the money they need. These projects are in no particular order, but they are all very cool and worth taking some time to check out.

SeeSpace InAiR Augmented TV dongle

It seems like everyone wants a user interface like the one from the old flick Minority Report. We have seen some very compelling interfaces that are very much like that fictional Minority Report set up. A product called InAiR is on Kickstarter right now and it promises to be the world's first augmented reality TV dongle.

The product promises to turn your TV into that Minority Report interface with layers of web content in line with the shows you are watching. The idea is that you can watch your shows and then see what people are saying on social media and other sites while you watch. It sounds like a slick product. As of writing, the project is funded with $109,771 raised out of a goal of $100,000.

Pi-Bot robotics Learning Platform

Robotics is a great way for adults and kids a like to learn more about robots. Robotics are also used in many schools around the world to help kids learn about math and engineering. A new robotics platform has turned up on Kickstarter called the Pi-Bot. The robot is controlled by a Arduino compatible mini controller. Not only can you build the robot, but you can program it as well.

The kit includes everything you need to build the robot from the chassis to the wires and battery holder for power. No soldering is required to build the Pi-bot. The people behind the project also point out that it has nothing to do with Raspberry Pi controller boards and uses Arduino tech. The cool part is that a complete robot kit will cost $75. This project isn’t funded yet, has 57 days to go as of writing, and has raised over $8300.

King's Assembly keyboard/mouse/joystick

I have always been a fan of unique computer peripherals. A new computer peripheral has hit Kickstarter called the King's Assembly. That is an odd name, for an odd product. This is a mechanical keyboard combined with a laser mouse combined with an analog joystick.

The people behind the project say that they studied how the human hand works and designed a highly accurate controller that takes advantage of thumbs and fingers in comfort. The curved finger keyboard puts keys right at your fingertips. The analog joystick looks like one from a PS3 controller. There are two pieces to the controller and you can buy right hand, left hand, or both controllers. It's not cheap with one hand costing $125. The setup for both hands will cost you $200. The project is near funding with 58 days to go. It has raised over $14,000 of the $20,000 goal.

T5: (Tactical, Topographical, Table-Top Terrain): Tile City

If you are an adult who still likes to play with action figures or have kids that love to play with their action figures, a product called T5: Tile City is on Kickstarter. This ingenious play system gives you streets and even buildings to give your imaginary wars more depth. I can also see this being a fantastic system for programming mini robots to navigate.

The T5: Tile City is a precision engineered, laser cut, HDF terrain system made from 12" square tiled with two lane roads and sidewalks. The system is designed to allow you to set up an area as large as you want. The buildings snap together and you can build multistory dwellings or single story areas. This kit is awesome and my kids would love it for Lego play with vehicles and minifigs or Mega Blocks Halo figures. The project is funded having raised $9,061 of a $6000 goal.

DrawAndRace 2

DrawAndRace 2 is a video game that will be offered for PC and Mac gamers. The game allows you to draw any art you can think of and then race your hand drawn creation on a virtual race track. This is a very cool sounding game. The original DrawAndRace game was funded on Kickstarter.

Your flat 2D drawings will be transformed into 3D drawings by the software. The game will also be offered with source code so you can customize your own game and comes with a new editor. The game is funded and was seeking a scant £100 and has raised £133.


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Update: 10

Man raises $9K... to make potato salad

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Zack Danger Brown's unambitious effort to get $10 on Kickstarter to make potato salad struck a chord with the online universe. It had raised mor ...
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Kickstarter suspends apparent scammers before they fled with $550,000

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Kickstarter Project Updates Slot Cars With AI and Steering

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StarForge Gets A Major Update, Proving It's Not Dead

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