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Google Goes for 10GBPS Internet Connections

Feb 14 2014, 1:49am CST | by , in News | Technology News

Google Goes for 10GBPS Internet Connections
Google Fiber

Google has made a bet which it is going to win at all costs. It is going to go for a faster Internet connection with 10 gigabit per second speed. The new network connections it plans to lay down will be a thousand times speedier than the average Net juncture.

Google wants to speed up the whole process of Internet connectivity. That is why it is busy handling various jobs at the same time in order to make this dream a reality. The new facility will be so fast that it will allow access to sites in the blink of an eye. Gone are the days when the fastest speed was that of its Google Fiber service in Kansas City. 

The evolution will be from one gigabit per second to ten gigabits per second. This will literally revolutionize the amenity. And ordinary people will benefit in the end. The next generation definitely deserves this much. We all know that Google is all about bigger, faster, longer and stronger technology

The smooth functionality of the new gizmo gear for the Net is another aspect that will be looked into. While the process may take a decade, if things are done hurriedly it may take less than two or three years. It’s a matter of passion for progress and the burning desire to make a contribution to culture. 


Google does not have a monopoly over such efforts though. Others in the United Kingdom are at it too. A novel technology by the name of li-fi is being used to achieve the same effect. However, Google is serious about this assignment and wants to concentrate on it rather than dawdle around.  

Source: USAToday


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