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Lindsey Jacobellis faces Failure one more Time

There was a fateful day many years ago when Lindsey Jacobellis fell while snowboarding in the Olympics. Since then she has kept a record winner’s streak. But today she has faced failure one more time at the Sochi Olympics. It is a tragedy indeed.

Feb 17 2014, 2:39am CST | by

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Lindsey Jacobellis Fails Again
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Lindsey Jacobellis faces Failure one more Time

Lindsey Jacobellis Fails Again
Getty Images

As she looked up at the vast sky, she seemed to feel very lonely beneath it. Lindsey Jacobellis fell once again in her otherwise spotless record of gold medal wins. The first time was at the Turin Games. Then there was a loss at the Vancouver Games. As for the third time, she had to undergo two ACL surgeries. While Lindsey won many times, she has this subconscious fear at the back of her mind which keeps tripping her up. 

The thing is that there is simply too much pressure on her to succeed. This is not fair since she basically enjoys the game a lot and would excel at it even more so were she allowed a little leeway. 

But the way everyone from friends and family to fans has expectations from her can get in the way of taking part in the game in a jovial way. 

It almost seems poor Lindsey Jacobellis is cursed in some way. Her abilities are remarkable and she can accomplish a lot but time after time the same problem comes up and she takes a fall. 

It is something which has bogged her down. Jacobellis has said that she tried to treat this event like all the others. There’s only so much one can push oneself before the system breaks down and an error occurs in judgment. 

Yet, Lindsey is a brave woman who has faced failure with a poker face. She seemed to literally smile through her tears when she fell at the Sochi Olympics. She claimed that there are far worse things in life than not winning a lousy gold medal.   

Source: Yahoo Sports


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