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Rewards Programs for Savvy Shoppers

Those who like to get that dopamine high often have a preference for rewards programs. In the capacity of savvy shoppers, they can only benefit from these systems of pleasurable motivation.

Feb 26 2014, 6:52am CST | by

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Rewards Programs for Savvy Shoppers
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Rewards Programs for Savvy Shoppers

Rewards are what keep people at a task long enough. It is precisely these dopamine-triggering agents that determine whether others are motivated to carry on doing something again and again or not. And there is no person on earth that does not like to receive a juicy treat whether it is in matters of food, sex or vanity. 

In the field of retail therapy , it is no different. A rewards program is a thrifty shopaholic’s favorite thing. Saving up on cash comes in many forms: loot sales, discount coupons and magazine cutouts. 

Cyberspace also features slashed rates on special items and product promotions that offer mouthwatering deals. While these are all well and good, they require a lot of effort on your part. A rewards program will surely prove more useful in the long run. 

Start out by joining now. If you happen to be a person who shops time and again then don’t make any delays in the enrollment process. Sign up and obtain your card. Once you have the necessary credentials than you can shop till you drop at the store where the rewards program applies. 

Next, don’t ever forgo any special offers that might come up. The most valued rewards programs have no membership charges and excellent customer service. If a program doesn’t work for you don’t be shy.

Change loyalties right away. It’s a tricky business and sometimes what appears at first glance to be a lucrative package turns out to be nothing but a fake rip-off con deal. 

Finally, there are a few warning signs to check out before joining. High membership fees and bureaucratic rigmarole in matters of rules and regulations ought to set off alarm bells in your mind.

It would be a waste of time and money to join such fraudulent rewards programs . Look for genuine deals instead and invest in them rather than in these thankless tasks.    

Source: USNews


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