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Expression Over Conformity: Cloud Revolution Is All About Human Progress

Feb 27 2014, 12:05am CST | by

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Expression Over Conformity: Cloud Revolution Is All About Human Progress

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Expression Over Conformity: Cloud Revolution Is All About Human Progress

The world’s most powerful tools, machines and software aren’t locked away in guarded data centers. Rather, they are open and available to all — from single entrepreneurs to the largest corporations. This is unleashing what will perhaps be the largest wave of innovation seen for a long time.

With this in mind, Nathan Toups and Brad Carleton have published what they call a “Cloud Revolution Manifesto,” which forms the cornerstone of their book, Embracing Disruption. Interestingly, publication of the book was crowdfunded through Kickstarter.

The Cloud Revolution Manifesto is very similar in tone to the Agile Manifesto, penned in 2001, and the SOA Manifesto, released in 2009. (Disclosure: I am one of 17 co-authors of the SOA Manifesto.)  The overriding theme of these documents is that technology development is inherently a human endeavor, and it takes common vision and collaboration to make it all work.

Here are the key principles and values spelled out in the Cloud Revolution Manifesto:

  • “We are the embracers of disruption. We are the pioneers of a new frontier.”

The cloud model is new territory, and the rules are being written as we go along. A cloud-based business operates on a different plane than traditional business, and new kinds of opportunities that are only just starting to be discovered.

  • “We are the denizens of a new world built by human minds and machines. Our world grows stronger, faster, and more capable every day.” 

The optimism expressed in these lines is a strong statement about the limitless possibilities technology offers.

  • “We embrace: Bold visions of the future backed by real data. Distributed systems with no central authority. Freedom to share information and self express. Strength through a global community of hackers and free thinkers.”

The cloud-borne business is a data-driven business, and needs to be unencumbered by formal, rigid hierarchy. Cloud enables employees and entrepreneurs at all stations in the organization to move forward with their ideas and innovations. It encourages individual initiative, within the realm of informal teams that accomplish the core work of enterprises.

  • “We value: 1) Expression over conformity; 2) Standards over servitude; 3) Distribution over centralization; 4) Reuse over waste; 5) Data over dogma.”

These values statements echo much of the positive work that has come out of both the Agile and SOA movements in recent years — that technology is a tool that helps individuals as well as their organizations achieve new heights of productivity and personal achievement.

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