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Microsoft starts promotional campaign for OneDrive

The company is offering 100 GB cloud storage space to users of OneDrive, however with a little catch

Feb 28 2014, 10:36am CST | by

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Microsoft starts promotional campaign for OneDrive
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Microsoft starts promotional campaign for OneDrive

Following the infringement suit with BSkyB, Microsoft had no option left but to change the name of its SkyDrive service to OneDrive and for obvious reasons this new brand also requires some marketing. For this purpose, Microsfot has taken to the promotion of the new brand with the help of a little deal. The company is giving a chance to the users of OneDrive to get their hands on 100GB of cloud storage space free of cost. This sounds like a pretty amazing offer and everyone would like to have a vast storage space on their computers even if they don’t make use of it.

This offer however comes with a little catch; this 100 GB is only going to last for a year and after this time frame, users will have to pay for this space if you want to retain it. And the 100 GB of cloud storage might not be absolutely free after all. You will have to earn this storage space by spending 100 Bing Rewards points. But this will not be much a problem because these points are easily obtained.

You can accrue the Bing Rewards points by carrying out Bing Web searches and inviting friends to Bing Rewards. The motive behind this is to get as many people to use Bing along with OneDrive and to get payments for OneDrive after a year. This is a clever promotional offer by the company which gives 100 GB to the users and once they are used to it (after a long period of 1 year) they are about to lose the space and hence make the payment for it because they are used to having it there.

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