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Jim Carrey was his Usual Weird Self at the Oscars

Jim Carrey is known for his strange and wacky behavior. The star of “The Mask” was his usual weird self at the Oscars 2014.

Mar 3 2014, 4:13am CST | by

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Jim Carrey was his Usual Weird Self at the Oscars
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Jim Carrey was his Usual Weird Self at the Oscars

Jim Carrey did some really far out things in his previous movies such as “Ace Ventura”, “The Mask” and “The Cable Guy”. He is an extreme comedian, whose comedy acts sometimes go too far in their histrionic phases and upset rather than amuse the audience. 

Something similar happened when he made an appearance at the Oscars this year. Wearing a blue jacket and black horn-rimmed spectacles, Jim looked rather odd though in a low-key manner. Some took to Twitter to call him the Hipster Jim Carrey. 

Jim was to present the Oscar award for best animated film. Frozen got chosen as was obvious. Then Jim proceeded to imitate and make fun of Bruce Dern in Nebraska. This was a foolish performance of face-twisting, silly antics that left the audience uncertain whether to laugh or cry. 

The reactive comments on Twitter about Carrey made more sense than the bizarre outbursts of Carrey on stage at the Oscars. Some liked him nevertheless. But the majority was neither amused nor amazed. 

Jim Carrey even spoke of how he had never been nominated. Had he taken a good look in the mirror at some of the stupid acts of immature nonsensical mush he tries to pass off as humor, maybe he would accept the fact that he doesn’t deserve a nomination. 

And all this despite the fact that he appeared in such movies as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Man on the Moon”. The man has some acting ability as is plain from the “Truman Show”, but some of the stuff he portrays goes into the surreal and abnormal. 

Carrey has faced depression time and again and confessed that it comes with the territory. A comedian’s job involves a lot of terra incognita of the mind that upsets the balance needed for such a stable thing as normality.  

Source: Inquisitr , GuyCode


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