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Is Jailbreaking your device worth it?

Are you an iPhone lover or an Apple lover in general, and could never imagine life without your Apple product? You may love these products more than life itself, but Androids will always have something Apple do not (without the applicable update, of course) – customization.

Mar 16 2014, 4:03pm CDT | by

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Is Jailbreaking your device worth it?

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Is Jailbreaking your device worth it?

Androids allow for the texting interface, font, app icon, etc., all to be customized with the tap of a button. What if this was possible on your iPhone? Oh, the possibilities. With Jailbreaking, these possibilities all come to real life. 

What is Jailbreaking? 

Jailbreaking is hacking the Apple software, and re-wording the descriptions to enable your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to do things that were not otherwise possible. Jailbreaking is frowned upon by Apple, and could be hazardous to your iDevice if not done correctly. Jailbreaking allows you to download third party apps that have not been approved into the App store, and sometimes you can even get some paid apps or songs, for free! 

How do I do it?

Jailbreaking is daunting, and could risk your Apple device’s life. If one thing goes wrong in the process, your phone could be rendered bricked or useless afterwards, though this rarely happens with the right programs, though Google advises to read reviews on the top services that provide Jailbreaking without breaking your phone or tablet. Cydia is a highly known and well rated service – and has a bunch of third party app stores that enable your phone to be customized to the fullest, with the wonderful set-up of the iPhone, or Apple software. 

What are the Advantages? 

The advantages of Jailbreaking your device are clear and simple.

  • Customization
  • App Freedom
  • Different Set-up
  • You still have an iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Easy AND Affordable
You don’t have to suffer quality for your freedom. This is all great for someone who wants to customize their iDevice to the fullest. 

What are the disadvantages?

Of course, as anything, there are some risks and disadvantages of doing something that wasn’t already provided by the phone manufacturer. The disadvantages are as follows:

  • Not covered by Apple Warranty
  • Restore of phone will restore manufacturer system settings
  • Could render your phone useless
  • Slow the speed of your phone
  • Notifications sometimes do not work

Depending on what you are looking for in your phone, jailbreaking may or may not be for you. You need to research and find out exactly what you want your device to do, and if there is a program for that. Please read up on exactly what you are getting into, and know that no company is going to cover the cost of your iPhone or iPad by you using their services.

Is the process worth it? It is every man’s decision for himself. If you like what you can do with Jailbreaking, and are not worried about your phone, then have a look at it! However, if you are a worry-wart and scared to mess up your phone; by all means, do not do it. Be careful and have fun, no matter what you choose.   


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