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Intel to Reinvent Desktop with Devil's Canyon, Core-i7 Extreme Edition and Broadwell Processors

Intel is ready to ride again! It is planning to revamp and renovate the desktops as a precaution against stagnancy in the times to come. Intel unveils 4th-gen Devil's Canyon, Core-i7 Extreme Edition and 5th-gen Broadwell processors to reinvent desktop.

Mar 20 2014, 10:51am CDT | by

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Intel to Reinvent Desktop with Devil's Canyon, Core-i7 Extreme Edition and Broadwell Processors

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Intel to Reinvent Desktop with Devil's Canyon, Core-i7 Extreme Edition and Broadwell Processors

Intel is not buying into the sort of pessimistic thinking that says that the PC industry is kaput. On the contrary, it believes in itself and is all ready to take the bull by the horns. 

So what if some other products have advanced beyond its capabilities to influence the world’s consumers? Life is full of second opportunities and Intel wants more from its workers and staff than just an insipid attitude of survival. It wants to literally thrive on chaos. So it has decided to do something about its desktop system. 

In fact, a series of steps are going to be taken to rejuvenate and resuscitate the organization back to the #1 spot it has lost thanks to a loss of morale, creativity and enthusiasm. Mini PCs and Desktop All-in-Ones (AIOs) are going to be the order of the day from now onwards. 

"The desktop business is a large and important segment for Intel, and we are investing in it – reinventing form factors, experiences and products for our customers," said Lisa Graff, vice president and general manager, Intel 's Desktop Client Platform Group. "Enthusiasts are the heart and soul of the desktop and they asked us to give them more. We are delivering – more cores, better overclocking, faster speeds."

Users of the platform are going to be the ones to benefit from the radical changes that will take place in its intrinsic products. The Fourth Generation Intel Core processor has been nicknamed “Devil’s Canyon”. It is a a special unlocked processor that has improved thermal interface and CPU packaging materials which will significantly enhance performance and overclocking capabilities, according to Intel. It is due to come in mid-2014.

Intel will also launch a faster processor with highest processor core count and memory bandwidth on the desktop in the second half of this year. It will be Core-i7 Extreme Edition processor that will have 8-core, 16-threads. This CPU will support the new DDR4 memory standard. And it will give amazing performance  for high-end uses like gaming, video editing, 3-D content and more.

Intel is all set to revolutionize and vastly improve the features of the products from Intel. An Anniversary Edition is also to come on the market soon. Intel Pentium processor Anniversary Edition will be launched in commemoration of more than 20 years of the Pentium brand. 

This special edition will feature unlocked multipliers that allow the ability to increase the core and memory frequencies independently from the rest of the system. Intel also reveals that the company is planning to launch unlocked desktop versions of the "Broadwell" CPUs. Broadwell are Intel's upcoming 5th gen Intel Core processor that will have Iris Pro graphics. 

On the whole, the effort to make the firm budge from its previously fixed routines will pay off in the form of immense dividends. The desktop features and amenities are a variegated lot. They will make the user base hopping glad since now it will have a lot more options to select from. The old ways will change and new channels will have been found by this firm. 

As an intelligent innovator in computer technology, Intel is literally raring to have a go at the world scene where economic rules make and break organizations. And if it succeeds it will have been due to its extreme attitude of totally changing its past ways. 


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