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Quit Smoking Before Third-Hand Smoke Destroys Your Kid's Health

The conclusion most physicians and health experts have arrived at is that people ought to quit smoking. The reason is third-hand fumes which might undermine your health and the well being of your near and dear ones.

Mar 21 2014, 4:45am CDT | by

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Quit Smoking Before Third-Hand Smoke Destroys Your Kid's Health
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Quit Smoking Before Third-Hand Smoke Destroys Your Kid's Health

It is not an easy job for smokers to quit smoking. But smoking had once been thought to cause cancer, heart disease and asthma in first-hand smokers. Then this trend spread to include second-hand smoke which was proven to be just as harmful. Now, the bad news is really devastating. 

It seems that third-hand fumes, that is residues of smoker’s activity left behind on carpets, furniture, toys as well as human hair and skin are very bad for health if ingested. And the frightening thing is that babies and toddlers, who tend to put everything they see into their mouths, are the most vulnerable. 

The sticky brown residue from the smoke of cigarettes clings to stuff and produces carcinogenic and toxic compounds. It also combines with nitrous oxide and ozone present in residential milieus and becomes a health hazard. This may seem like extending the dangers of cigarette smoking to a paranoid extent but the fact of the matter is it is very real. 

According to DailyMail, "Dr Bo Hang, of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, found the residue NNA locks onto DNA to form what is known as a 'bulky adduct' - which is a piece of DNA bound to a cancer-causing chemical. Other large compounds that attach to DNA tend to cause genetic mutations."

But what about the precautions to avoid this calamity of sorts which looms over every living being? What can a person who has others who smoke in his home do so as to avoid the fate of bad health? Well, there are not many steps one can take short of avoiding tobacco smoke altogether. 

But if you face an environment of smokers, you should wash the carpets with detergent as well as have the walls repainted time after time. The paradox that remains is that even if a mother goes outside her home to smoke and returns to cuddle her baby, the residues on her skin and hair will adversely affect the little infant. 

The jury is therefore in that third-hand smoke too could cause so many health problems. Of course, these ailments and maladies do not appear at once. They may take years of incubation in the human body before they manifest their symptoms. But when their time arrives they will come in their dreadful forms and cause malignancies that lead to illness and death. 

Dr Hang said in a news conference at the annual American Chemical Society meeting in Dallas: "The best argument for instituting a ban on smoking indoors is actually third hand smoke. Thirdhand smoke is harmful to our genetic material. And the contamination becomes more toxic with time." This third hand smoke is the biggest potential health risk for babies and toddlers. I will request all the smokers to quit smoking before it destroys their kid's health.


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