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Google exposes the Glass Myth: Glass is not set for primetime

Google clears out any false expectations regarding the Google Glass.

Mar 22 2014, 1:16pm CDT | by

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Google exposes the Glass Myth: Glass is not set for primetime
credit: Google

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Google exposes the Glass Myth: Glass is not set for primetime

Some of the most prevalent misconceptions regarding the Google Glass have been cleared out. Turns out, the stereotype that all of those who wear Google Glass must be nerds who are wealthy is one that Google is willing to refute. The Web giant revealed that the Google high-tech specs are not exactly set for primetime usage. Google while being interviewed claimed that since Glass appears to be a prototype, the company is doing its best to respond effectively to how users perceive the Google Glass. Around 9 software updates along with 3 hardware updates have been done by Google since the last 11 months. The idea is that when the Glass is launched it is ready for consumer needs and desires to be fulfilled as a technological venture. Just as a prototype created today may seem funny to someone viewing it in the 80’s.

In regards with Glass Explorers, Google reveals how they are not the conventional geeks one may expect rather belong to different kinds of profession such as zookeepers and even brewmasters. And even though the price of the Google Glass appears to be at $1500, the Explorers are not rich people as one may stereotype them as.

Google also dissuaded the notion that Google Glass was rumored to be a spying device, just as cameras were perceived suspiciously be people when they were introduced in the 19th century. Google said that if indeed it was planning to eliminate privacy through the Google Glass then they could have done a much better job at it. There are after all much more advanced cameras in today’s world that can be used as spying devices. Even though Google Glass has been banned in certain bars and cinemas, Google claims that it has not been banned at all places. However Google does agree that it may not be the best idea to wear the Glass in places such as casinos or lockers, but that the same applies to mobile phone as well. Lastly Google destroyed another myth regarding the device that it causes an obstruction in one’s vision by saying that the Glass is positioned above one’s right eye instead of being in front of it.

Source: PC Mag


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Update: 6

Google Glass hops into business with tech partners

Source: CNBC

Woman Wears Google Glass
Google Glass is partnering with start-ups, which may help it carve out a more important and profitable rol ...
Source: CNBC   Full article at: CNBC 4 days ago, 3:08pm CDT


Update: 5

Unlike Google Glass, Android Wear probably won’t get iOS support

Source: GigaOM

When Google introduced Google Glass, the wearable display only worked with Android phones and tablets. It took some time, but last December Google created a MyGlass companion app for iOS, allowing iPhone owners to get most of the same functionality from Glass as Android users. That’s not likely going to happen with Android Wear, however. The first clue was when Dave Singleton, Google’s Android Engineering Director, shared more Android Wear detail ...
Source: GigaOM   Full article at: GigaOM Jun 27 2014, 1:30pm CDT

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Update: 4

From Google To SmartThings: A Dealmaker Talks

Source: Forbes

Kelly Liang has made some pretty big deals in the tech world. As part of the original YouTube team, she helped put YouTube on the first generation of every iPhone. And then, most recently, as one of the first business development folks at Google X, she led the partnership between Ray-Ban glasses m ...
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Update: 2

Google Glass

Source: The Atlantic

Isabelle Olsson, lead designer of Google
How do you make a computer that people will want to wear on their face? “You have to make it light,” says Isabelle Olsson, the lead designer of Google Glass, the computer-equipped eyewear. “You can’t expect people to wear goggles all day long.” Over years of trial and error, Olsson guided Glass through hundreds of bulky prototypes to its current sleek (if not necessarily stylish) look. Here’s how Google’s computer went from goggles to Glass. 2010: The first Glass prototype “was literall ...
Source: The Atlantic   Full article at: The Atlantic Jun 25 2014, 8:06pm CDT

Update: 1

14 Google Glass innovative uses In education

Source: University Business

Woman Wears Google Glass
Opinion & AnalysisThe Huffington Post The Ohio Wesleyan University Information Services Department purchased Google Glass in March, 2014 and started brainstorming about ways to use it with a cross section of campus groups. Based on the OWU list, here are 14 ways that Google Glass c ...
Source: University Business   Full article at: University Business Jun 3 2014, 11:46am CDT

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