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Galveston Oil Spill Threatens Wildlife

The Galveston oil spill has wreaked havoc on an unimaginable scale. In fact, the manmade disaster has led to the closure of a shipping passageway off the Gulf of Mexico and also threatens wildlife.

Mar 24 2014, 9:44am CDT | by

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Galveston Oil Spill Leads to Shipping Passageway Closure

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Galveston Oil Spill Threatens Wildlife

It was a catastrophe that shook the world. A net total of 168,000 gallons of crude oil was spread on the sea surrounding Texas. Currently, emergency services are doing all they can to clean up or at least contain the spill

A spokesman for the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management, Michael Lambert, called it a “significant spill,” but not based on the amount of oil.

“The real issue is that it’s in the ship channel, near environmentally sensitive areas. So there’s an economic impact and an environmental impact,” Michael Lambert, Lambert told the Los Angeles Times.

But no timetable has been handed in regarding recovery from the immense pollution that has occurred. A barge carrying the oil crashed into a ship in the Houston area. This was a petrochemical passageway that remained pretty occupied most of the time. The Gulf of Mexico bore the brunt of the burden. 

“On the scale of the Valdez, this is not even a blip. It’s a lot of oil, but it’s not a Valdez or a Deepwater Horizon,” Lambert said.

Meanwhile, environmentalists have spoken out against this accident due to human error. The shorebirds are especially concentrated around the area where the oil spill took place. They will be adversely affected by the pollution of gunk and sludge due to the deluge of oil. 

Close to 70,000 marine birds will be migrating in their usual season as dictated by Nature. Already, ten oil-laden birds have been recovered and sent to a safety harbor to be rehabilitated. The Galveston oil spill is likely to have far-reaching consequences. 

“We just want to make sure the boom is going in where it needs to be,” Lambert said.

The pitch dark, slippery grease-like material that got deposited around objects and floated on the surface of the waters was a sad sight indeed. Right now, the authorities are really concerned about cleaning up the dirt and sticky, semisolid detritus. 

Tom Harvey, a spokesman for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, said, “There could be hundreds or thousands of birds of various species in the area affected by the spill. Oiled birds are being taken to triage trailers with hot water and basic facilities to begin cleaning the birds, staged near the spill area.”

Furthermore, the price of petroleum could be direly affected by this disaster. Skimming the spilt oil from the surface was a long and arduous process. Meanwhile, the real reason behind the collision was being looked into. Half a dozen of the crew has suffered injuries as well. 

Whenever such manmade tragedies occur, humanity does what it can. And later on after the ameliorative steps have been taken things continue like before. After all, life still goes on and existence is a continuous process like any other.  


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