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Top 5 Hardest Smartphone Games

Gaming on your mobile device is fun and convenient. However, there are some games that are designed specifically to test your skill as well as your patience.

Apr 1 2014, 2:30pm CDT | by

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Top 5 Hardest Smartphone Games

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Top 5 Hardest Smartphone Games

Here are our picks for the top five hardest games.

“The Impossible Game” by FlukeDude

The developers really knew what they were doing when they named this app. Originally for the Xbox console, The Impossible Game is extremely addicting and will easily consume hours of your time. You play as a small orange square and attempt to navigate various courses with obstacles and pitfalls that send you all the way back to the very beginning. One small mistake and you have to start all over again! The game is updated regularly and runs very smoothly as a result. If you put enough time and effort into the game, you will find that it is not truly impossible and actually reach the end. The journey there, however, will be a long and frustrating one.

“Super Hexagon” by Terry Cavanagh

Super Hexagon is so tough that many players seem to be making excuses! “The controls are bugged,” they will say. Since the inputs are actually very simple, it’s easy to see that the game is just difficult to master. The three game modes available are “Hard,” “Harder” and “Hardest” and for good reason. The game does get easier the more you play, however, because you will come across the same patterns and will be able to repeat them from memory easily.

“ChocoRun” by Alejandro Jimenez Vilarroya

Another game with very simple controls: you tap the screen to jump. Hold the tap longer to jump further. You don’t even need to run because Choco runs for you. But try it and you’ll find yourself blaming the game mechanics just like the Super Hexagon players.

“774 Deaths” by Square Enix

This game roughly estimates how many times you will die in its title. There are actually over 700 different ways to die, so even your untimely deaths will not get too boring. Unlike Square Enix’s most popular games, there is not much of a plot in 774, but even if there was, you would be too busy shouting at your game to pay close attention.

Flappy Bird” and its remakes

The late Flappy Bird has hundreds of successors, all of which are ridiculously hard. You just tap to fly up a bit and go through the gaps in the pipes to earn a point. Unfortunately, your point streak comes to an abrupt end when you fail to completely clear a pipe. The bird’s speed and the variation of the pipes make getting very far in the game incredibly difficult. The reason for this is intentional, but not for the reason you might think. The original Flappy Bird’s developer, Nguyen Ha Dong, explained that he did not have time to continuously update his application because he had a full-time job.  To solve this problem, he made a very simple game that was very difficult to master.


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