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Shot Elephant Returns to Circus

A shot elephant named Carol has returned to the circus to which she belonged. This is after a health recovery hiatus that took awhile.

Apr 4 2014, 5:00am CDT | by

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Shot Elephant Returns to Circus

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Shot Elephant Returns to Circus

Carol, a performing elephant in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, had taken a break from her daily show having been shot in the shoulder. The drive-by shooting caused a puncture in the region behind her ear by a bullet that broke into fragments in the flesh of the pachyderm. 

The elephant has thankfully recovered 100% from the wound and is back to its circus routine. But the creep and lowlife that shot poor Carol so ruthlessly remains at large. Although a $33,750 reward has been set for any information leading to the arrest of the criminal, no leads have appeared until now. 

“The case is still being investigated," he told NBC News. "Detectives are still working on it; we just do not have any new information to follow up on at this time.”

The police and detectives have issued queries that entreat the ordinary citizens to offer clues including the slightest evidence leading to the mastermind behind the shooting of the elephant. But so far it’s no go. 

The circus owners and performers are extremely happy at the return of Carol. Cathy, Carol’s trainer, says she is really excited to be working with the elephant once again. She is very confident and says neither she nor Carol has any butterflies in the stomach. 

Carol “doesn’t understand that somebody tried to maliciously hurt her; she doesn’t understand that. She just had a little boo-boo; we fixed it right away,” said Cathy. But Cathy still remembers.

“They intentionally tried to harm Carol, kill Carol, but they could have killed anyone of us. We were all in R.Vs. We were parked in my R.V. with my family, my two little boys and my husband. “

The police have come to the aid of The Greatest Show on Earth (which is the common phrase that the famous circus is known by). Greater security and beefed-up precautionary measures have been taken to ensure such a similar incident doesn’t occur again. 

Yet, the strange happening has provoked many questions. All that is known is that a white SUV appeared out of nowhere and a shot was heard. The next thing that the circus people witnessed was that the elephant was wounded. 

Cathy says that the poor elephant never knew that someone had tried to consciously hurt it. She also said that any one of the circus crew could have been killed by the bullet that ended up lodging itself in the elephants shoulder. 


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