Zombie Bass: Electricity Brings Zombie Bass on Surface

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Zombie Bass Float to Surface upon Electrofishing
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Some bass with a zombie resemblance floated to the surface upon electrofishing.

Previously, when fish need to be counted, tagged and studied by marine biologists, they were killed with a chemical that was released into the surrounding water. But with progressive times, more humane and painless methods have come to be in vogue. And furthermore they spare the life of these fish. 

The latest is electrofishing. An apparatus releases a current measuring six amperes into the pond and the stunned bass just float up to the surface like zombies. Then they are collected in a net with the odd sea turtle or sea snake caught in between. 

After being examined and identified via a marker they are released back into the body of water where they all thrive and move about once again. The procedure is simple and efficient and does not damage the fish in any way short of a momentary paralysis which they come out of soon enough. 

However, several animal rights activists, chief among them the adherents of PETA, have protested against this cruelty to the fish. Research specialists in Alabama used this method and the standard agreement among biologists is that it is the most benign technique to study the fish without harming them. 

The fish were double-checked to see if they were diseased or carrying any vectors. And then they were set free in the waters to which they originally belonged. It was quite an experience since mostly fishermen on boats could hardly catch more than one or two fish per day. But via the method of electrofishing oodles of fish were caught in the net. 


It was like a cornucopia of abundance for fishermen had just appeared as fish upon fish floated to the surface with zombie-like appearance from the stunning electrical shock. Many fishing experts have taken a lesson from this phenomenon and noted the regions from which the most fish emerge. They later on take care to cast their fishing rods in these areas so that the Piscean yield will be greater.   

Source: Inquisitr

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