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Top 10 Timeless Marketing Truths

Apr 9 2014, 5:37am CDT | by

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Top 10 Timeless Marketing Truths

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Top 10 Timeless Marketing Truths

Larry Kimmel has been around the marketing block: He’s at the agency Publicis Hawkeye as Executive Director now, was the Executive Director of the DMA (where I got to know him) for a few years and he was Chairman/CEO of Grey Direct Global Network for ten years where he was responsible for offices in 42 countries.

Kimmel knows a lot about marketing befitting his experience. And he shares his wisdom through a short ebook with the long title 10 Timeless Truths of Scientific Marketing: The essential principles of 21st century marketing, 150 years in the making.

It’s a bit too cute in its structure –10 familiar adages paired (or sometimes a little forced) with the real sentiment.  But Kimmel does give excellent advice in ten distinct buckets.  When you go past the headlines into the details of the book,  there is  real thoughtfulness worth reading.

In the introduction to the list, Kimmel says that book shares the “comforting news:  All you really need to know about marketing you learned in kindergarten.”

In a recent email, Kimmel wrote that the list is in a specific order. “The first three and the last are arguably the most important – and the first three are in order of importance.”

Kimmel explained.
• “#1 Slow and steady wins the race – or the concept of Continuous Innovation isn’t just a scientific marketing method, it’s a time-tested business philosophy that has built some of the world’s great companies, like Toyota and Google – and is proving to be a critical component of what differentiates winners from losers in Silicon Valley.”

• “#2 Mind your Ps – about the importance of ALL 4 Ps of marketing, particularly “Product” – is one of the most important lessons that marketers have ignored for the past 60 years. Marketers have often thought of themselves as being in the ‘Advertising’ business. Now more than ever great, sustainable businesses are built by what you are, not what you say.”

• “#3 Seek and you will find – reminds marketers that it’s all about the data. This has been the underpinning of the scientific marketing method for 150+ years and is what the broader marketing world has come to really appreciate in the past 5 years of so.”

For young, digital marketers, “Slow and steady”  is probably the hardest lesson to follow, says Kimmel. “It is not a transient notion; it is a business rigor and go-to-market philosophy of ongoing improvement and iteration that never ends. It’s easy for young, digital marketers to get distracted by the new and novel or fixate on what’s successful today and opposed to how a business will be more relevant and valuable tomorrow.”

Kimmel and Publicis Hawkeye see this content marketing as extremely worthwhile.  “Those that understand scientific marketing are far more efficient and effective in the marketing investments they make and the returns they derive. Sharing critical insights about the scientific marketing method accrues positively to those that create it and share it.”  Kimmel says that he has been a student of scientific marketing for over 30 years. “I devoured all the great books on the subject from Claude Hopkins, John Caples, David Ogilvy, Bob Stone, etc. This eBook is a small attempt to continue our long history of sharing insights as a scientific marketing community and build on the insight of giants.”


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