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Steve Jobs Emails From 2010 Show The Future He Wanted

The emails cover rumored devices and things that no one has even thought of yet

Apr 9 2014, 7:44am CDT | by

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Steve Jobs Emails From 2010 Show The Future He Wanted
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Steve Jobs Emails From 2010 Show The Future He Wanted

With the passing of Steve Jobs, many people thought that the innovation was going to stop and the future of the company would be in peril. Whether or not they were right remains to be seen, but emails from 2010 show what he had in mind for the future of the company.

The emails are part of the evidence revealed in the current trial with Samsung and reveal a lot, but what many people found the most interesting was the mention of Apple TV and the future path it would take. In the internal emails, Jobs detailed the App store that it would use, the inclusion of a browser similar to the iOS version of Safari, and more.

Part of what he discussed was the Magic Wand that is similar to what the Nintendo Wii uses for control. A patent was filed for the device and it uses motion sensors to control the Apple TV in an innovative new way, although we might not ever know just how that would work. He saw it as having “finally cracked” the way to simplify the experience customers had with the Apple TV.

In addition, he covered new content that hasn’t yet been seen on the Apple TV. This includes negotiations with NBC, Viacom, and CBS to bring their shows to the device, along with talks with both Comcast and Time Warner.

It is possible that this could have been Jobs’ famous brain storming, but the fact remains that the Apple TV is potentially facing a downturn as other devices increase their features while the Apple TV has remained stagnant.

Source: 9to5mac


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