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What to Look for E-Book Readers

Many skeptics have criticized the use of e-book readers rather than books as something that devalues the experience. Others like the fact that they can hold their book and then keep it afterwards.

Apr 10 2014, 1:35pm CDT | by

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What to Look for E-Book Readers

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What to Look for E-Book Readers

But e-book readers have their advantages too, the most important being that they can be used in the dark. We here list down the important qualities and advantages of e-book readers and tablets compatible with these.

  • Weight – You wouldn’t think that this matters when it comes to tablets because real books can vary in weight as well and can be heavy. But considering that some people like to read while lying down, you wouldn’t want your heavy book to slip from your grip and fall flat on your face now would you? Also, more lightweight tablets will be more easily transported and brought with you everywhere.
  • Storage Capacity – with real books, people boast that they get to keep them afterwards. With e-book readers and e-book compatible tablets, you can still do the same provided you have enough storage capacity. Different readers have different capacities, some of which cannot be added to either internally or through an external memory. Make sure you do your memory research if you’re the type that likes to keep already read books. 
  • Page-turn Sensitivity – many tablets and e-book readers boast that they have the most sensitive touch screen feature. When reading an e-book, however, a certain level of sensitivity may be too much for comfort. If a screen is overly sensitive it burdens the user by reacting to every touch even if we do not mean to turn the page yet. In real books, losing your page can be a real challenge to reverse; with e-book readers and tablets the same might happen, it could slip and the pages turn to who knows where. E-book readers like to get comfortable and get a good grip on their tablets; this just will not work with tablets that react as soon as the screen gets touched.
  • Adjustable light – most e-book readers are easy on the eyes and have screens reminiscent of real book pages; this makes them easy and more comfortable to read. Tablets that are e-book compatible can sometimes have a light adjustment setting for book reading that dims the lights to lessen eye strain. Some tablets even have features that include the page-like look of e-book readers.
  • Epub Compatible – Epub is a kind of file that many people use to download books for free. It converts files into e-books and is compatible with most tablets and e-book readers; however, not all. If Epub is your e-book source of choice, make sure you do not get disappointed in the end and know whether the reader or tablet you are considering is Epub compatible. 
Reading e-books is an experience that is supposed to be as closest as possible to the experience of having a real book in your hands. If you are an avid book reader, you probably already know your preferences when it comes to reading environment such as light and weight.  You do not need to choose the best reader, but rather the reader that is best for you. 

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