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The Negative side of New model launches

The announcement of a new model coming out could be really exciting for the gadget junkie or the tech expert. And it’s always great to be the first with an anticipated new model, even if it means putting a tent up next to the store and staying there all night.

Apr 16 2014, 12:19am CDT | by

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The Negative side of New model launches

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The Negative side of New model launches

But besides all the excitement and the countdown for new model, there are still some negative aspects to be considered when a new model comes out.

  1. Lack of information – usually when people want new models, it is mostly for bragging rights. This is because when new models are being developed, the companies that manufacture them try to maintain a level of secrecy in order for the release to be a surprise and alternatively, to keep the competition from being one step ahead or make better functionality. Included in the lack of information is what functionalities were removed, what new add on’s there are, and most importantly, a fixed and confirmed price. This lack of information could also lead to possible bugs not being detected which could lead to a server crash. New models are always guilty of bugs.
  2. Supply shortages – as previously mentioned, bragging rights are a huge aspect of new models being widely popular when they are newly released. Because of this, and accompanied with new release promotions and discounts, there is often a supply shortage with new models and a long waiting list which will take time to fulfill which could lead to frustrated customers and the decrease of the new phone high before the waiting list is even fully fulfilled. 
  3. Product delays – relating to the mentioned post launch shortage above, product delays are commonly experienced by manufacturers following a launch, which always leaves you wondering why they don’t just make enough? Product delays are when a new model is sold out within the week of its launch, or sooner. Which will cause people to end up on a waiting list where they will stay for weeks, or even months until a new set of models are released. 
  4. Gimmick hype – when the launch date for a new model draws closer, companies and manufacturers come up with launch gimmicks that are usually huge and elaborate, and admittedly a lot of fun. But these gimmicks that are supposedly for the new model made people drawn to just the name rather than everything they should be considering when purchasing a new smartphone.
  5. Company involvement – when Samsung or Apple has a release, do you think it’s just the smartphone companies themselves that are responsible? No. too many companies are involved, from shipment, to repair, to parts, to the little phone shop around the corner that sells smartphones.

Always keep in mind the important reasons to buy or not to buy a certain smartphone. Do not let yourself get caught up in the hype. Do your research! Research is essential in the avoidance of wasting a lot of hard earned money.


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