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Meg Ryan to Appear in HIMYD

The charming actress Meg Ryan is to appear in CBS show How I Met Your Dad (HIMYD) to voice the future Sally. It is the sequel to How I Met Your Mom (HIMYM).

Apr 25 2014, 6:26am CDT | by

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Meg Ryan to Appear in HIMYD
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Meg Ryan to Appear in HIMYD

She has been away for awhile from the Hollywood scene. But now watch out for Meg Ryan (of You’ve Got Mail fame) is back on TV! She has returned to become the narrative speaker on HIMYD (How I Met Your Dad). How I Met Your Mom has just ended its time on the air and so it is time for a little paternalism with HIMYD. And Meg Ryan will appear as the next voice of future Sally on the show. 

Watch the Photo Gallery of beautiful Meg Ryan below.

Meg has gotten a pretty big voice over role with this stint in HIMYD. And after such thriller movies as In the Cut, Meg will be entertaining the crowd with her acting chops. While HIMYM was a big hit, HIMYD is slated to be an even more popular series that will hit the airwaves. There is a slight difference and that is that Meg’s voice will be the only thing that gets used on the show. She herself will not appear in it as a live performer. 

HIMYD is quite a show that is all set to bedazzle the audience. It has writer and actress Greta Gerwig in it and the storyline is one in which the mother of a few children goes on a quest to find their dad. And the real funny thing is that her previous marriage is coming to an end. 

"I loved it so much," Gerwig told US Weekly. "No, I wanted [Ted and Robin] to [end up together]! I'm such a schmaltzy person. It's like, yes, I know that Annie Hall is the best ending of all time when they don't end up together. But really, in my heart of hearts ... I love in When Harry Met Sally when they end up together. I'm a little too corny for the sadder version."

Meg’s days in When Harry met Sally may be over but the girl still has some chutzpah left in her. It will be a test for Ryan to portray the voiceovers on HIMYD. She is not her previous youthful self yet Meg has the wits and the guts to make out something from the few resources she has at her disposal at an age when she is approaching senescence. She is in her 50s. But being in a profession where the sun always shines, Meg plans on living it up and being a golden girl right till the end. 


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