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Rita Ora Settled Payment Lawsuit

The singer-turned-actress Rita Ora settled a payment lawsuit with Superga out of court. It is not known whether the actress, who is to appear in 50 Shades of Gray, even received any money.

Apr 29 2014, 4:00am CDT | by

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Rita Ora Settled Payment Lawsuit
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Rita Ora Settled Payment Lawsuit

Rita Ora made a big blunder when she wore Converse shoes in London instead of the Superga brand that she was under contract to wear. This breach of contractual agreement led to a lawsuit amounting to 100,000 pounds that dragged on in court. 

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The actress was to be seen here and there and everywhere in the shoes of Superga. But when she broke her word of honor, that she would not be seen in any other brand, the company decided to get tough on her.  

According to DailyMail , "GL Dameck claimed this was a breach of Miss Ora’s contract and cited the Converse incident as a reason for withholding the third and fourth instalments of the singer’s £180,000 fee."

After what seems to be eons of tussle the two have agreed in an out of court settlement. "Miss Ora admitted breaching a clause of the agreement but claimed it did not excuse GL Dameck’s failure to pay her fee. She demanded payment of £90,000 plus VAT, costs and interest – and the case has now been settled out of court," reported DailyMail.

Meanwhile, Rita Ora is to play Christian Gray’s sibling in the movie 50 Shades of Gray. “She’s honestly one of the ones that loves her brother for whatever,” Ora told MTV about her character in the movie. “She doesn’t know about his fantasies yet, but she’s extremely involved and loves him and she studies in France, speaks French, and it was a good learning curve for me.”

Based on the novel of dark sexuality, 50 Shades of Gray will move audiences both positively and negatively. While Rita has had little in the way of an education as an actress, she has nevertheless landed a role in the movie. 

The basic experience Rita Ora has is as a singer and musician. For the sake of the movie though she will not only have to take French lessons but improve her American accent to boot (Rita is of Kosovan descent).

“I prepped for the role by learning some French first of all, by learning an American accent and by really just not being me,” Ora revealed. “I had a brown wig on and I was being the smart girl that came from French school to see her family, so it was just a lot of dedication, it was like going back to school.”

Ora’s role in the movie has been quite a ride for her. She learnt lots of new stuff while on set. The actress has shown her enthusiasm by saying that if she was asked to start from scratch she would literally take part in the learning process all over again. 

Rita Ora was very excited to be a part of this ensemble. And although her boyfriend Calvin is worried about any nude scenes she may have to do in the movie, she says that there will probably be no such thing on set. 

When asked about any nude appearnce in the movie, she responded : "Nope! Calvin, my dad and my brother had a group meeting to worry about it. I leave that to the main characters." 50 Shades of Gray will hit theaters on Valentine’s Day next year.  


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