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Lena Headey Speaks About Game of Thrones Rape Scene

To the surprise of many, Lena Headey spoke about the incestuous rape scene in Game of Thrones as something that felt great. Her words have caused quite some controversy.

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Lena Headey Speaks About Game of Thrones Rape Scene
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Lena Headey Speaks About Game of Thrones Rape Scene

The actress Lena Heady appears in the HBO's hit series Game of Thrones in the role of Cersei Lannister. A very disturbing scene of a brother and sister engaging in non-consensual sex while their son lies dead before them sparked controversy. 

Lena plays the rape victim in the scene. Headey is a wonderful actress and no one is complaining as far as her looks are concerned. However, it is her speech regarding the feelings felt during shooting that particular scene that have so profoundly upset many viewers and fans.

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Lena Headey told TheMarySue: "Of course it’s a very complicated moment for many reasons and what I will say about it is, from my stance as an actor who’s had this character for three years, four years, who knows her intimately…you know you’re standing, as a woman in absolute grief, in pain that she’s never felt before. 

And you know, she’s staring at the body of her dead son who’s been her sanity and her purpose and she’s joined by her brother who’s also her lover so, you know, we’ve also got bigger problems going on than the ones everyone’s talking about. And it becomes very messy."

The scene involves a sort of lust and desperation in which a brother has sex with his sister. And when Lena was asked concerning how she felt about doing the scene, she finally blurted out that it felt great. Talk about chutzpah!

All the victims of forcible statutory rape and incestuous advances from their siblings must be mad as hell at Headey for even thinking those thoughts far less saying such blatant words. 

When she was questioned in an interview, Headey first hemmed and hawed regarding her exact feelings. She said that she was supposed to portray the complex situation and then there were so many factors to consider in the whole scene. 

She said that it wasn’t supposed to be right yet it felt right. And Headey then went into a tailspin of wishy-washy talk about what was involved and how she tried her best to capture the mood and emotion.

But surprisingly instead of speaking out against the unethical treatment of females by males or close relatives, she just said that it felt good! Such a nihilistic and hedonistic stance reeks of moral degradation and rampant materialism. 

"There’s lust and desperation and you know, a need to feel something other than this searing, empty loss. And so that’s where I came from when we were filming. There was this need and it wasn’t right and yet it felt great and yet it wasn’t right and it played out the way it did. And I was really happy with it. I thought it was um, my intention was there and I think people’s reactions are right and opinions are varying," added Headey.

Our stars who light up the silver screen are supposed to serve as role models for the masses. When they give such irresponsible statements about such sensitive matters, it shows that something has gone terribly wrong with the Zeitgeist.  


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