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Youtube Launches

YouTube launches new Thai language site,

May 19 2014, 7:17pm CDT | by

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Youtube Launches
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Youtube Launches

According to the Bangkok Post, YouTube’s launching of the Thai language site comes on the heels of Paris-based’s Dailymotion SA increased presence in the Thai region. Google, Inc, the owner of YouTube, planned to launch the site several years earlier, but the Computer Crime Act of 2007 caused concern about the vague terminology and legal ramifications of licensed material usage.

Now Google can no longer wait with competition nipping at the company’s revenue.

Google marketing estimates daily YouTube consumption to fall in millions of hours. With one-third of the views belonging to mobile users, low-cost carrier TAAX affiliated with the global giant to offer localized consumer engagement as fourth-generation (4G) wireless becomes available. The increased online speed means higher consumption of products.

Thai AirAsia, a local budget airline, already has created and uploaded a channel marketing product and services to Thais, as well as international customers. TAA’s channel is expected to act as a hub for online travelers and to increase digital presence on one of the largest social media websites online.

Digital Hub’s Chief Executive, Anit Osathanurgh, predicts online accounting will take up 4.5% of the 5 billion bahts in 2014 and up .75% of 4 billion bahts from last year. Google Thailand already profits from localized online advertising, with display ads earning 41% shares. Search and social media each earn 14% and 10% respectively, but the company is looking to increase as Thailand grows with the digital age.

International traffic outside the U.S. makes up 80% of YouTube’s 1 billion users every month. According to Ariya Banomyong, head of Google Thailand, the company is looking to cash into the profits and increase revenue another one-percent of spending. Since 2011, Google Thailand has grown one-percent of spending every year, showing a nice profit but not high enough in a large market.

Tech in Asia cites that by implementing a dedicated area for the Thai language will offer a more comprehensive search engine within the uploaded videos. This endeavor also markets the 62nd language-country portal available from YouTube and Google.

Launching the site also allows local content creators to upload videos and make money through the company’s new YouTube Partner Program, a large draw for many international video makers looking to supplement or live-off user material. Content creators often battle legal battles when placing items on YouTube. For instance, Google and Germany’s GEMA are the middle of a long battle with content creation. Creating the Partner Program helps in establishing creator rights so both the company and the individual are protected by the right of payment for viewing ads through the channel.

Tweets celebrate the launch at Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok.



Sources: Thai YouTube site unveiled, YouTube launches localized site for Thailand as nation hits 1 billion views per month


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