Tropical Storm Amanda Hits the Eastern Pacific

May 24 2014, 8:31am CDT | by , in News | Other Stuff

Tropical Storm Amanda Hits the Eastern Pacific

The first tropical storm of the Eastern Pacific region has hit its sector of influence. Tropical storm Amanda is at it in full swing.

This Thursday, tropical storm Amanda formed off the coast of Mexico in the pacific region. It created a depression that will continue to shift north and northwest. This will occur throughout the weekend. 

However, it is a good thing that no large land mass will be badly affected by this catastrophe. Only a few islands lie in its path such as Socorro Island. 

The storm is going to up the ante as far as its economies of scale are concerned. The amount of havoc this natural disaster will wreak is still an unknown entity. 

But it won’t cause a dent in the North American continent. This is the first storm of the season that has been given a moniker: Amanda. Well, hell has no fury as a woman scorned.

Within the next three days, Amanda will pick up strength. It will slip away far away from the mainland. And whether it gets unpredictable and random and chaotic depends on factors not in control of humanity. 

When it comes to natural phenomena, mankind is left making rationalizations. It is said that a tornado on a large scale can leave a town that took 15 years to plan devastated in 15 seconds. 

Mother Nature razes the human habitation to the ground thus proving once and for all that it is not humanism that rules the universe but an Outsider Force that 95% of humanity believes in. 

The fact that the universe is indifferent towards human agency does not mean that it is all a meaningless scheme. Everything has a purpose in the larger scheme of things. 

A storm may leave destruction and carnage in its wake, but it also creates chances for life to renew itself by giving novel fauna and flora a clean slate to begin with. So, nature is a balancing act that is not necessarily anthropomorphic. 

Source: TWC

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