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Donald Sterling will Fight for Clippers

The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling is to contest his ownership rights over the franchise in court. He is not about to give up so soon.

May 28 2014, 7:48am CDT | by

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Donald Sterling will Fight for Clippers
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Donald Sterling will Fight for Clippers

The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was up against a fine and assault by the NBA. However, he is a tough old fighter and not a loser. Sterling has termed the charges as “draconian” and is going to go to court to fight for his rights to what he thinks is basically his property.

Sterling's attorney, Max Blecher, told USA TODAY Sports late Tuesday that "Sterling is not interested in selling the Clippers, contrary to a statement made Tuesday by his wife's attorney. Shelly Sterling's attorney, Pierce O'Donnell, said Donald Sterling authorized Shelly Sterling in writing to sell the team, including his 50-percent stake."

In a lengthy paper his lawyer presented the facts from the point of view of Sterling. He called the attempts by the authorities as a fake proceeding that reeked of fraud. Sterling’s fundamental rights as guaranteed by the United States constitution give him the privilege to fight for his franchise.

Sterling said, "We believe that preservation of Mr. Sterling’s constitutional rights requires that these sham proceedings be terminated in Mr. Sterling’s favor."

Sterling spoke of how his love interest V. Stiviano made a secret recording of their personal conversation and this was against the law. The recorded evidence against him was thus automatically rendered invalid. His lawyer cited the California Constitution and the NBA Constitution and admitted that they both clearly favored Sterling.

Was Sterling forced to sell off his team, the results could be very chaotic. The financial consequences of this action would not be good at all. Furthermore, Donald Sterling has said that he even got offers amounting to $2.5 billion for his team.

The allegations against Sterling are insubstantial and based on a privately recorded conversation that does not count as a source of solid evidence. Sterling said that what is private ought to remain private. A lot of hot air in front of a lover did not make for anything criminal in the eyes of the law.

He furthermore said that he never meant to offend the NBA or its high and mighty standards. "A jealous rant to a lover never intended to be published cannot offend the NBA rules," said the document, signed by Sterling. His foul speech in the recording is a strictly moral matter and morals are controversial things. The punishment sure doesn’t seem to fit the crime here.

"This evening, the NBA received responses from Donald and Shelly Sterling to the charge to terminate the current ownership interests in the Los Angeles Clippers," NBA vice president Mike Bass said in a news release Tuesday night. "The NBA Board of Governors will meet on June 3 at 1 p.m. in New York City to hear and vote upon this matter. Should the Board vote to sustain the charge, the Sterlings' interests in the Clippers will be terminated and the team will be sold."


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