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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Not Present in Search Area

Malaysia Airlines missing flight MH370 is no longer believed to be present in the search area. The relevant data regarding the Malaysian Airlines jet has been released especially for the grieving relatives.

May 30 2014, 1:59pm CDT | by

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Not Present in Search Area

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Not Present in Search Area

A US Navy official said Thursday that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search area was not right. The acoustic pings at the heart of the search for missing MH370 hunt are 'not likely from black box'.

Navy's deputy director of ocean engineering Michael Dean said, "Our best theory at this point is that (the pings were) likely some sound produced by the ship... or within the electronics of the towed pinger locator."

"Always your fear any time you put electronic equipment in the water is that if any water gets in and grounds or shorts something out, that you could start producing sound."

However, a US Navy spokesman retorted: "Mike Dean's comments today were speculative and premature, as we continue to work with our partners to more thoroughly understand the data acquired by the towed pinger locator.

"As such, we would defer to the Australians, as the lead in the search effort, to make additional information known at the appropriate time."

The government of Malaysia has already opened up about the necessary details regarding the missing Malaysian Airlines flight that shook the world. 

The mysterious disappearance of the plane as it sank into the Indian Ocean remained a source of extreme concern for the relatives and loved ones of the people on board the flight. 

The concerned friends and family members had been protesting regarding greater visibility of justice as far as freedom of information was concerned. 

Now, it seems the leadership of Malaysia has finally bowed down to the requests. The classified document which has been read out before the media consists of 47 pages. 

"Inmarsat and the DCA have been working for the release of the data communication logs and the technical description of the analysis. As a result, the data communication logs from Inmarsat as well as the relevant explanation to enable the reader to understand the data provided is being released," Malaysia's civil aviation authority said in a statement.

The airplane went missing on 8th March as it was on its simple and straightforward route as the crow flies from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.  Of the 239 passengers on board most were of Chinese descent. 

"When we first asked for the data it was more than two months ago. I never dreamed it would be such an obstacle to overcome," American Sarah Bajc, the partner of one of the passengers, told Reuters news agency from Beijing.

Up until now no signs of the aircraft have been detected. Nor have any logical reasons been given regarding the cause of disappearance. 

All that could be said with any reasonable amount of certainty is that somewhere along the journey the plane was overtaken by an insidious human element that diverted its path. 

And this supposed terrorist agency knew a lot about the devices in the plane that could have leant any clues as to its whereabouts. Still the search is extant and yet no remains of the plane have been found. 

A mapping and exploration of the ocean bed off the coast of Australia is being undertaken to boot. The rescue and search teams are now in it for the long haul. 

The chances of survival of any passengers on board are slim indeed. This is one unexplained event that has baffled the globe. Normally, such disappearances (Amelia Earhart’s case comes to mind) are very rare. Our condolences go out to the near and dear ones of the people on board that flight. 

Source: BBC , AFP


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