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Rachel Jeantel Remains Loyal to Trayvon Martin’s Memory

Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel has remained loyal to his memory. She is still completely on his side after his tragic death.

May 31 2014, 4:15am CDT | by

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Rachel Jeantel Remains Loyal to Trayvon Martin’s Memory
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Rachel Jeantel Remains Loyal to Trayvon Martin’s Memory

Rachel Jeantel, who was a fast friend of Trayvon Martin, got her diploma in Miami recently before a packed audience. Martin’s mom was in the crowd of onlookers. 

Rachel was reported to have said that just looking at Trayvon’s mom evoked memories of him. Jeantel was on the phone with Martin in a call be made to her just before he lost his life. 

“Her coming is like having Trayvon there saying, ‘You did it. You proved people wrong,’” Jeantel told Yahoo News.

The Black American teen was shot dead by George Zimmerman, a white policeman who was on night duty. The tragic death caused a nationwide moratorium on lots of issues ranging from racism to gun control. 

Zimmerman kept arguing that he had only reacted in self-defense. He was let go after a grueling trial which took place on television. Jeantel was one of the people who testified against Zimmerman. 

Rachel Jeantel disparaged Zimmerman thoroughly and her accent was slightly difficult to interpret. These drawbacks went in favor of Zimmerman who was let off the hook easily. 

Some of Rachel’s antics in the courtroom caused a lot of people to actually mock her. She couldn’t speak English properly and couldn’t even read a document that was written in cursive. 

Jeantel says that she was just a friend of Trayvon and he was such a nice human being that he had never judged her on the basis of her obesity. “He cared about you,” Jeantel said. “That’s a good human.”

Later on an African American lawyer named Vereen helped her get a lot of help and tutoring in subjects such as Math and English which she was lagging in. 

Today she is a highly educated person with a diploma and the ability to speak fluent English. It is a far cry from the sensitive awkward young lady who stepped into the witness box at Trayvon’s trial. 

She and her friends have proved the world wrong. And Jeantel is also going to get a job and possibly pursue fashion designing in the future. Had Trayvon been alive he would have been truly proud of his female friend. 


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Update: 9

Rachel Jeantel Takes Blame for George Zimmerman Acquittal

Source: EURweb

*Despite turning her life around, Rachel Jeantel blames herself in the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the man who killed her friend Trayvon Martin. In an interview with CNN, Jeantel was asked if she wishes she had acted differently on the witness stand during Zimmerman’s trial. “A little bit,” Jeantel admitted ...
Source: EURweb   Full article at: EURweb Jul 15 2014, 7:38am CDT


Update: 8

Trayvon Martin’s Ex-Girlfriend Takes Blame For George Zimmerman’s Acquittal (VIDEO)

Source: All HipHop

(AllHipHop News) Rachel Jeantel’s testimony during last year’s trial over the murder of Trayvon Martin drew attention for the wrong reasons.  Jeantel spoke about George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the first time since the decision was made and assumes some of the culpability for the decision. Jeantel’s phone conversation with Trayvon Martin on February 26th, 2013 was the last time Martin would be recorded speaking to another person. According to Jeantel in an interview with CNN, “a li ...
Source: All HipHop   Full article at: All HipHop Jul 14 2014, 2:51pm CDT

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Update: 7

A year on from George Zimmerman's trial Trayvon Martin witness Rachel Jeantel has turned her life around

Source: Daily Mail

Rachel Jeantel was thrust in the national spotlight last June when she took the stand in the George Zimmerman trial as the prosecution's supposed ...
Source: Daily Mail  Full article at: Daily Mail Jul 14 2014, 9:37am CDT

Update: 5

No Justice For Trayvon: Rachel Jeantel Speaks Out – Blames Herself “A Little Bit” For Racist Murderer George Zimmerman Walking Free [Video]


Rachel Jeantel Blames Herself For George Zimmerman Verdict R.I.P. Trayvon... Via Mediaite: It’s been just over a year since the world was introduced to Rachel Jeantel, the friend of Trayvon Martin’s who testified on behalf of the prosecution in the George Zimmerman murder trial, but may have ended up doing more harm than good. CNN caught up with Jeantel this week, asking her if she blamed herself when Zimmerman went free. “A little bit,” she replied. Asked if she ...
Source:   Full article at: Jul 13 2014, 8:22am CDT

Update: 4

Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin Friend, Graudates High School in Inspiring Fashion

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

The last few years have been tough for Rachel Jeantel, but the Florida resident achieved her dream of graduating from high school this week. After the death of her friend, Trayvon Martin, she not only had to be a witness in the George Zimmerman trial, but she was widely ridiculed for it. But she kept the promise she made to Martin, who was gunned down in February 2012, and continued to achieve success. It did not come ...
Source: The Hollywood Gossip   Full article at: The Hollywood Gossip Jun 6 2014, 6:40am CDT

Update: 3

Rachel Jeantel Graduates High School, Chases Her Dreams With The Help Of A Village

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

The last few years have been tough for Rachel Jeantel. After the death of her friend, Trayvon Martin, she not only had to serve as a witness at his shooter's trial, but she was also subjected to public criticism and ridicule. But the young woman refused to be held down, keeping a promise she made to Martin and continuing to achieve success. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and Jeantel's st ...
Source: Politics - The Huffington Post   Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 5 2014, 4:03pm CDT

Update: 2

A Lil Positivity: Rachel Jeantel Keeps Promise To Trayvon Martin, Graduates High School


Rachel Jeantel Graduates High School The prosecution’s star witness in the George Zimmerman trial is now a high school grad. Via Yahoo News: In a Miami auditorium less than three miles from where slain teen Trayvon Martin is buried, his friend Rachel Jeantel on Friday was presented her high school diploma, fulfilling the promise she said she made him. The moment was even more poignant with Martin’s mother, Sybri ...
Source:   Full article at: Jun 1 2014, 10:31am CDT

Update: 1

Trayvon’s Friend Keeps Commitment To Him … Rachel Jeantel Graduates

Source: EURweb

*In a tone that is said to resound with confidence, high school graduate Rachel Jeantel exclaims: “I did it! The witness who didn’t know how to speak English knows how to speak English through the 12th grade now. I never quit.” These words came from the mouth of the young woman we met as a key […] ...
Source: EURweb   Full article at: EURweb Jun 1 2014, 10:12am CDT

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