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Kate Gosselin Returns to TLC with “Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10”

Kate Gosselin is coming back with her eight kids to the TLC special “Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10.”

May 31 2014, 9:50am CDT | by

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Kate Gosselin coming back to TLC with her 8 Kids

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Kate Gosselin Returns to TLC with “Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10”

Kate Gosselin is definitely in the scene again. And her eight little ones are also part of the picture. TLC has aired Kate Plus Eight. It was a long time coming. Her eight prepubescent children and their mom are going to hit the reality TV screen with full force. 

So watch out! And ex-husband Jon is not to be a member of the ensemble of nine people. And he was less thrilled. "He thinks it's a really bad idea for his kids," a source said of the Couples Therapy alum, who has said that his children have problems "developmentally" because of their time in the spotlight. "Jon feels he has his kids' best interest at heart."

However the Gosselin kids were "extremely excited" about their return to TV. "They cheered like crazy," Kate, 38, told US Weekly. "It was like I announced that it's Christmas tomorrow."

It’s been approximately three years since the last time when Kate Gosselin and her octagonal-bunch appeared on the place where the sun always shines (that would be television). 

“A lot has changed since you last have been here,” Kate said in the clip, according to AH. “It’s all still happening with or without cameras. We’ve all been though a lot. We’ve learned what’s important.”

Kate is enthused but she is a bit worn out as well. She and her army of small ones have been through hell and back. And she is getting on in years and does not have the same stamina and strength she used to possess once upon a time. She also complained that the kids were not kids any longer but practically grownups and they were clamoring for their rights. 

“I’m getting older, tireder, more worn out… The kids are getting older and smarter and giving me a run for my money daily and hourly and moment by moment,” Kate adds.

The birthdays of the Gosselin children are about to come to. And they coincide with the show. It will be a fun-filled time of festivity and revelry. But the case of nerves that Gosselin will get just handling the preparations for the birthday bashes of the sextuplets is something which gives her regular nightmares. 

Parenthood is such sweet sorrow. She still relies on good old-fashioned discipline such as taking her daughters’ iPads and smart phones into her custody whenever they misbehave.

"I got those girls cell phones and iPads so that I could take them away," she says. "Yes, indeedy. And I've learned I'm not the only parent of teens who has discovered that little gem."

This may seem a bit harsh to today’s permissive parental generation, but Gosselin insists that it is good for them and will teach them impulse control and a sense of responsibility. 

After all, you ought to give your kids a rule to break rather than giving them no rules whatsoever. She is a regular Mister Mom and knows that sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind if you want what is in the best interests of your children.  

“Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10” will air in two special parts on TLC. First part will air on June 19 while the second part will air on June 26 on.


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