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Improving Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphones have become customary in today’s culture, regardless of race, gender, or even income; it will probably be a rare occurrence to run into someone without a smartphone. Smartphones have proven themselves worthy to be called an essential part of everyday life as they have features that include stocks, note taking, even analytics in the form of graphs and charts can be done on smartphones.

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Improving Smartphone Battery Life

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Improving Smartphone Battery Life

As useful as they are, they also have a downside; the downside of smartphones regardless also of make or operating system is the battery. Even the smartphone with the longest battery life will not run for a full working day without dying before you get home – this is of course if it is used to its full capabilities, apps, internet, and all. So if smartphones are truly essential and beneficial, then how do we improve battery life?

  1. StoreDot ultra rapid charger – there are many manufacturers doing research on this issue but StoreDot leads the front with a prototype that can take a smartphone battery from completely drained to 100% in just 30 seconds. The complicated technology used in this charging method is sure to save a lot of people (or all people) a lot of time.
  2. Gadget Charging – this one has been tried out a lot already. Gadget charging is when you plug in your smartphone to another gadget such as a laptop in order for it to charge. In lieu to this, some tablet manufacturing companies have made their tablets compatible for such smartphone charging.
  3. Supercapacitator – this gadget is similar to a power bank. It can charge your phone and it is portable, though bigger than a power bank. The big difference being that a power bank will need to be charged often and can charge up to 3 cycles on a smartphone. A supercapacitator can charge up to thousands of times before it gives up. 
  4. Thermoelectric generators – this one is still rough and under a lot of research. It is a casing, developed by and in Korea, where research first took place. It gathers heat from the environment, or even from the human body and turns it into energy, making your phone on a constant full charge. 
  5. Solar power – similar to the above mentioned, this is also a casing which this time uses solar power with a miniature solar paneled casing to charge your phone.
  6. Wireless charging – remember back when the only way you could connect the internet was with a wire and a dial up connection? And then we got Wi-Fi. And now this, wireless charging is being developed in Korea and has shown that it is already capable of charging smartphones up to 5 meters away. 
  7. Software – there are things you can download onto your tablets or laptops that can charge your smartphone a lot quicker than if you were to just plug it in. 

Stop the battery hassle today and give one of these a try. Make the best out of your smartphone and make the battery last for as long as you need it. 


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