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Kim Kardashian's Got Game

Serious gamers aren't happy at the latest Kadashian offering: "Kim Kardashian Hollywood."

Jun 18 2014, 8:16pm CDT | by

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Kim Kardashian's Got Game
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Kim Kardashian's Got Game

The internet exploded when it was revealed that Kim Kardashian would be getting her own mobile game for iOS and Android.

In the game, you play as if you're a reality starlet on the rise that’s trying to get on the A-list. You learn how to navigate the world of celebrity with Kim’s advice.

It resembles Cher Horowitz’s life in a digitized format. Well, maybe a little less in the clothing department. No revolving closet rack system.

Recently, mobile games have become a huge part of the gaming industry. 

Even EA’s wildly successful property The Sims has a free, mobile version for both iOS and Android. There’s nothing wrong with quick, easily played moments, really. The easily created, quickly produced mobile game industry is full of similar style apps. 

Kim K definitely isn’t the first. So why the anger? Is it the game or the person representing the game?

Not surprising, she's managed to rile the serious gamers. 

Ire at the game being more like Barbie and less like BioShock seems to centers on the female appeal, oddly enough.

There's a pretty prevalent perception of girl gamers. Girl gamers are thought of as empty-headed, nonaggressive casual gamers who have no interest in more involved games. 

Part of that comes from the fact there's little representation in the industry for female players to really take part in.

In fact, Ubisoft made headlines at the recent E3 when they declared it was too hard to create playable female characters . Which was quickly shutdown by designers, including dissent from former employees . Many users and players from the millennial generation are female gamers who love the hardcore gaming sessions, even if no one notices.

With the debate of playable representation on the minds of many, serious gamers showed a lot of disdain at the latest easy-play game, “Kim Kardashian Hollywood.”

One of the most widely known gaming websites, Kotaku, was not happy—to say the least. Luke Plunkett ripped the news apart, going as far as to put it under “The HORROR” tag, in “Kim Kardashian's Video Game Is The Stuff Of Nightmares .” 

Complete disdain revolves around the short, but meaty article. 

“Why become famous for something you've actually done when you can just become famous?” mixed with sneering over the game play—“and by lengthy I mean over an hour”—shows how much the serious gaming community doesn’t want something so easily playable to be considered a game. Plunkett points out there’s an online showing of the game uploaded to YouTube already.

Not everyone would mind the chance to play “dress up, go on dates, and do...stuff, with the opportunity to spend money at every turn.” Some people, not just teenagers, may simply like to veg out for a few minutes after a long day.

And that somehow lead to talking about Kim’s sex tape by those male gaming allies.

Meanwhile Kim Kardashian’s brand never seems to stop growing.


Sources: Instagram , Kotaku


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