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Apple iWatch

According to Piper Jaffrey research Apple’s smart watch would be sold at the price tag of $350

Jun 28 2014, 12:53am CDT | by

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Apple iWatch
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Apple iWatch

Piper Jaffrey research showed that iWatch might have a price of $350 in the market. It was also found out that the consumers’ interest in iWatch of the Apple Company increased by 14 percent. Last year, in October this interest was much lower; it was 12 percent only. So, it can be concluded that there appear an evident interest among the consumers, especially teenagers. The research, done by Piper Jaffrey took place in the past month. Almost 100 people took part in it. All the respondents were 32 or above aged, their hometowns being in North America. The aim of the research was to find out whether people had interest towards new smart watches or electronics that are meant to be worn or not.

However, Apple Company has a lot of competitors in the market. The strongest competitors are world-famous LG, Samsung, Pebble, and Motorola. These powerful companies will not give any way to Apple Company.

The research found out that there is no such impressive interest towards iWatch or other smart electronics among the consumers. The innovations done in iWatch by the Apple Company are really impressive and will be evaluated by Apple company fans.

Pipe Jaffrey’s survey results showed that 18% of all the people who participated in the research already had smart watches, lots of them owning Fitbit device.

Source: Apple Balla


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Update: 12




Update: 11

Apple Granted Patent For 'iTime' Smartwatch Design

Source: Apple Balla

Prince Charles Visits Sony UK Technology Centre
Apple has never publicly acknowledged that it’s working on a smartwatch, although it’s widely expected that an “iWatch” could be introduced as soon as this September. On ...
Source: Apple Balla   Full article at: Apple Balla 54 minutes ago

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Update: 10

Here Is Apple's Early 'iWatch' Patent Filing Sketch


"Tammy" Apple Pie Truck
In this drawing, Apple's image for a smartwatch looks similar to other devices that are ...
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Update: 8

Basketball star Kobe Bryant: I met with Apple to talk product

Source: CNet

Bloomberg Breakfast - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival
Bryant tells Bloomberg that he did, indeed, hold court with Apple's Jony Ive. But he doesn't mention an ...
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Update: 7

Kobe Bryant: I met with Apple to talk product

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2014 Summer TCA Tour - Day 11
The great volume-production expert Kobe Bryant tells Bloomberg that he did, indeed, meet with Apple's Jony Ive. But an iWatch ...
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Update: 6

Apple 'iTime' patent details a modular smartwatch with sensors in the band

Source: Engadget

"Tammy" Apple Pie Truck
A new Apple patent for smartwatch designs and features is bound to fuel more speculation about an incoming "iWatch," even though such claims often amount to nothing. Still, the patent is interesting o ...
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Update: 5

Kobe Bryant confirms meeting with Apple designer Jonathan Ive

Source: MacNN

2014 Summer TCA Tour - Day 11
In a new TV interview, LA Lakers player Kobe Bryant confirms that he did recently meet with Apple design head Jonathan Ive. Talking with Bloomberg, though, Bryant makes no mention of the iWatch or other future Apple products. Instead he says that he has been talking to leaders across industries to learn more about the product creation process, since he is moving into business as he comes to the end of his basketball career.... ...
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Update: 4

KOBE BRYANT: I Met With Apple Design Genius Jony Ive, Here's What He Wanted To Know (AAPL)

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Kobe Bryant was recently spotted on Apple's campus hanging with Apple's lead designer Jony Ive. A later report said he was working with Apple to test its forthcoming iWatch, which is supposedly health and fitness oriented.  Bryant spoke with Bloomberg about his meeting with Ive. He didn't spill anything on the iWatch, but he says he "spent the day talking with Jony picking his brain about product." In tur ...
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Update: 3

This Math Explains Why The iPhone 6 May Launch September 12 (AAPL)

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CEO Tim Cook Visits Beijing
Since Tim Cook took Apple's helm in late 2011, the company’s traditions and patterns have become even more apparent, particularly with product launches. In his last 2.5 years as CEO, the iPhone has launched in September, always two days after the release of the newest version of iOS.  Call it safe, but it’s clearly a successful formula for Apple that isn’t broken, and thus, doesn’t need fixing. The iPhone and iOS timetable has resulted in record-brea ...
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Update: 2

Is the ‘iTime’ Apple’s second smartwatch?

Source: BGR

"Tammy" Apple Pie Truck
As the age of the smartwatch begins, everyone is keeping a close eye on Apple. Considering the outrageous success of the iPhone, analysts and consumers alike believe that Apple might be able to turn the wearable industry on its head with a device that's both functional and fashionable, but there's still a lot we don't know. The situation has become even more complicated this week as Patently Apple reports that Apple recently won a patent for something ...
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Update: 1

Forget the iWatch, Apple's wrist-worn device may be called the iTIME

Source: Daily Mail - UK

HS87/Interscope Duo Audio Push In Concert - Seattle, WA
The patent was filed by the Californian-firm in 2011 and awarded today. It details a band fitted with a touchscreen the same shape as a 2010 iPod Nano (pictured in the iWatchz band). ...
Source: Daily Mail - UK   Full article at: Daily Mail - UK 3 hours ago

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