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Robin Williams Enters Rehab Center

The unforgettable star of the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams, just recently entered a rehab center.

Jul 2 2014, 9:58am CDT | by

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Robin Williams Enters Rehab Center
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Robin Williams Enters Rehab Center

Robin Williams has made tons of movies in which he has played various interesting characters and roles. He was an English Literature teacher that inspired his students to write poetry from the heart in Dead Poet’s Society. 

And in What Dreams May Come he goes in search of his deceased wife and kids into the afterlife. And who can forget Mrs. Doubtfire, where he plays transvestite dad who dresses as an old nanny in order to be close to his children to whom he is addicted. 

However, Robin Williams is also literally addicted. And he has been in and out of detox programs in order to exorcise his demons. 62-year-old Oscar-winning actor is currently in a center for rehabilitation and relaxing there. 

Hazelden's Dan Anderson Renewal Center in Minnesota is the rehab facility where Williams is reportedly present. This center helps people to resolve "on common issues faced in recovery—spiritual fitness, emotional balance, healthy relationships, grief, meditation, and more...and [provides] a safe environment to map out personal paths to a more joyful, deeply satisfying recovery."

Williams wants to spend some time alone in peace away from the media spotlight so he can deal with a few issues that are plaguing him in life. 

In a statement to Us Weekly, Williams rep said, "After working back-to-back projects, Robin is simply taking the opportunity to fine-tune and focus on his continued commitment, of which he remains extremely proud."

There are those who say that it is not addiction hang-ups that he faces this time around. Rather he wants to get away from all the chaos and noise and feel good about himself at the retreat and spa. 

The purpose was to renew his resources and get re-energized once again by self study. According to Robin Williams, he has been clean since the past decade or so. 

But of course life is not easy since he is a very accomplished actor who gives it his all every time he performs. The role he played in Good Will Hunting made many sit up and take notice. 

He wants to recuperate and rejuvenate after his stints in the world of acting. This way he can focus on his state of flow which will have him revved up in no time. 

There was a time (in 2006) when Robin was really into cocaine and alcohol. He struggled and finally managed to root out the vicious problem that had given him so many sleepless nights and sluggish days. 

"After 20 years of sobriety, Robin Williams found himself drinking again and has decided to take proactive measures to deal with this for his own well-being and the well-being of his family," his rep said at that time.

Robin Williams admitted in a past interview that it was only when you realized that you needed help that the problem began to resolve itself.  


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Update: 11

Fans ask Nintendo to name 'Zelda' character after Robin Williams

Source: Channel News Asia

TOKYO: Robin Williams' fans are asking Nintendo to name a character in the next instalment of its popular "Legend of Zelda" series after the Oscar-winning actor, who died last week. There are more than 100,000 signatures on an online petition calling for the Japanese gaming giant to honour the renowned comedian and avid gamer, who appeared in numerous Nintendo commercials.Williams was a huge fan of the Zelda series, even naming his own daughter after its titular pr ...
Source: Channel News Asia   Full article at: Channel News Asia 2 days ago, 4:58am CDT


Update: 10

World of Warcraft to Create Robin Williams Character

Source: NDTV

Williams, a renowned comedian and avid gamer, was known to be a fan of the online fantasy role-pla ...
Source: NDTV   Full article at: NDTV 2 days ago, 11:57pm CDT

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Update: 4

Nine wins sentimental week

Source: TV Tonight

It was a week in which an outpouring of affection for Robin Williams helped determine ratings winners. TEN’s quick-thinking screening of Mrs. Doubtfire on the day of his death delivered the network its best numbers of the week. Nine and Seven tied for first position on Sunday, leaving the latter to breathe down the former’s neck all week. Both screened Robin Williams movies on Saturday night with Nine’s The Birdcage (564,000) pipping Seven’s Aladdin (535,000). Netw ...
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Update: 2

Koko the Gorilla remembers Robin Williams

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Update: 1

Paramore dedicate 'The Last Hope' to Robin Williams during Denver show - WATCH

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In case you missed it, this week saw the tragic passing of amazingly hilarious actor Robin Williams at the age of just 63. Whilst celebrities all over the world flooded Twitter with their tributes, Paramore decided to do theirs in the form of song 'The Last Hope,' at their concert in Denver. Nope, that's not a tear on our face - it's, erm, yeah we're allergic to our laptops. Sure. WE WANT YOUR HAIR. There, we said it. Hayley Williams of ...
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