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Rob Gronkowski and Robert Kraft Dance at Beyonce Concert

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski showed some moves on the dance floor at a recent Beyonce concert. Patriots owner Robert Kraft was also in attendance.

Jul 3 2014, 7:32pm CDT | by

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Rob Gronkowski and Robert Kraft Dance at Beyonce Concert
Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Rob Gronkowski and Robert Kraft Dance at Beyonce Concert

Rob Gronkowski and Robert Kraft Dance at Beyonce Concert
Photo Credit: Getty Images

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski danced like a pro at a recent Beyonce concert. 

TMZ reported Gronkowski had a grand time at the concert on July 1: 

"The Rob Gronkowski dance train rolled into Massachusetts last night -- when the Patriots tight end hit up the Beyonce concert...AND BROKE IT DOWN LIKE A PRO!!!

"Gronk let the music take hold...and danced harder than ever when the Queen Bey busted out her hit,'Partition.'

"Gronk spent some time in the V.I.P. section with roughly 6 friends -- including Pats owner Robert Kraft (but we're told RK left early). 

"And as hard as Gronk went during 'Partition,' we're told he absolutely lost his mind during 'Drunk In Love.' 

"Gronk seems to be on a concert tear -- just last week, the 25-year-old NFL superstar went to a Jennifer Lopez show in Connecticut and rocked out to 'Jenny from the Block.'" 

Last week, ESPN's Kevin Seifert weighed in on Gronkowski, who is projected to return to the Patriots in 2014 after a slew of injuries the past two seasons:  

"The top story of the New England Patriots' offseason -- other than Tom Brady's status as an elite quarterback, of course -- has been the recovery and projected return of Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski from two torn ligaments in his right knee.

"To which I ask: Are we obsessing over the right issue? Rather than trying to pinpoint Gronkowski's return to full strength, perhaps it would be more productive (and realistic) to gauge whether the Patriots are any better equipped to play without him than they were last season.

"The Patriots, as you probably know, had two offenses in 2013: A good one in the seven games Gronkowski played and an underwhelming one that struggled in the nine he missed. The chart, via ESPN Stats & Information, illustrates Gronkowski's impact in the red zone.

"It's also worth noting that Brady completed 64.1 percent of his passes in the Gronkowski games and 57.6 in the others (Brady targeted Gronkowski 66 times during that period, 17 more than any other Patriot).

"Given that context, it's perfectly understandable to pine for Gronkowski's immediate return. Recent history, however, suggests the Patriots' 2014 success will depend in part on whether they can reduce their dependence on him.

"Although he is just 25, Gronkowski has missed 14 regular-season games over the past two seasons with serious injuries to his knee and arm. His deliberate return from multiple arm surgeries last season -- he wanted to avoid exposure at less than 100 percent -- provides important context for his approach this summer. Even if it is only a worst-case scenario, the Patriots have had adequate time to plan for and anticipate playing at least some games without Gronkowski.

"Importanly, their strategy won't include the security blanket whose departure blindsided them last season. As they monitored Gronkowski's arm problems in 2013, of course, the Patriots thought they would still have Aaron Hernandez to man their tight end position. Hernandez's arrest on murder charges, and his subesquent release in June 2013, forced an undesirable shift to Plan C in Gronkowski's absence." 

Gronkowski is entering his fifth NFL season and has amassed 3,255 yards and 42 touchdowns on 226 receptions in 50 career games, per ESPN stats

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How will the Jimmy Graham ruling impact Vernon Davis?

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