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Smart Card: An iPhone & Android Charger that fits into your Wallet

Finally we have an iPhone and Android charger that fits into your wallet. Now, isn’t that hunky dory?

Jul 11 2014, 4:44am CDT | by

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Smart Card: An iPhone & Android Charger that fits into your Wallet

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Smart Card: An iPhone & Android Charger that fits into your Wallet

Smart Card: An iPhone & Android Charger that fits into your Wallet

It began as an initiative. The prototype was named Charged Card, the first totally self-contained charger, that could fit within one of the pockets of your wallet. It was launched on January 14, 2014 

But the new revised version that has emerged from the whole deal is called the Smart Card that has 128GB hard drive, GPS and multi connector. 

Its functions include: 

  • the ability to charge anything, 
  • all-fitting model, 
  • talk time, 
  • flashlight, 
  • 911 auto dial, 
  • tracking locator, 
  • tracking app, 
  • micro SD card reader
  • portable battery,
  • a portable hard drive and 
  • 8 inch data cable. 

Watch below the video demonstrating Smart Card functions.

The device comes in two models: an aluminum one and a plastic one. As for its features, they include: a slim design, battery indicator and a guarantee of safe charging. 

It is indeed a handy device that is so economical and streamlined that it could easily enter one of the compartments of your wallet. 

And then we have smartie trackers. These are the ideal complementary devices to your Smart Card. They are round shaped gadgets that are in a way very cute. 

The functions of these little cylinders are: 

  • the ability to track anything and everything, 
  • two way functioning, 
  • tracking and notification, 
  • GPS tracking and 
  • unlimited tracking of individuals. 

The whole deal is one of excellent quality and the devices are the best there are. The two items fit hand in glove: the Smart Card and the smartie trackers. 

They will allow you to keep track of and charge anything you want to since they have the capacity to handle the task at hand. All you have to do is purchase them and put them to work. 

The whole campaign for these nifty devices is about to enter its final and crucial stage. And the prices are reasonable too. They won’t fleece you in the process of exchange. 

$9,082 USD has been raised OF $15,800 goal till now on Indiegogo campaign for Smart Card. 35 days are left for this campaign to end. You can contribute in this project by pledging $1 or can buy Smart Card packages of various prices.

With the rise of such novel technology on the scene, the art of miniaturization is beginning to take hold of the whole global environment. The Smart Card and smartie trackers are a perfect example of such micro-miniaturization taking place on a grand scale.  

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