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Timehop App Review

Jul 22 2014, 9:47am CDT | by , in Reviews | Review Ticker

This is a revolutionary invention that brings your nostalgic moments back to life. There are quite a number of events that we may not have vivid memory of; Timehop gives you the ability to precisely dig up your precious moments and even enables you to share them once again with your friends.

Timehop App Review

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Timehop App Review

This amazing app functions by integrating your Facebook account, Twitter account, Flickr, Instagram and the Foursquare user accounts to have the ability of giving you exact detail on the location you were and activity you were undertaking at a precise time in your past. This is done by giving you the information about what you shared with your friends on all your profiles.

The design of this application is exceptionally smooth all through its user interface with a very adorable dinosaur-like dancing character making recurrent appearances time and again.



  • So far, the latest version of this app is version 1.2.44 which came with an additional Labs menu to the settings. This upgrade was made in July 2014. There have been constant upgrades of this app to improve its performance and usability
  • The size of the app varies on the device in which it is installed in depending on quite a number of variables
  • The minimum Android platform requirement of this application is version 4.0 and all the other subsequent versions
  • There is no cost whatsoever to download and install the app from the online Android app stores.

In Use

Getting started with Timehop is relatively easy; upon full installation, you will receive prompts to log in all the services that you would like to integrate with it. Within just a few seconds, you are brought up to ‘Today’s Timehop’. This is now the point at which the application gets to combine all your status updates, timeworn tweets from this particular date of the preceding years.

For the best results, you can incorporate as many social networks as possible and the application can also gain access to the timeline photos of your mobile device with your permission. In addition, you can also link the application to your Dropbox account for access of all the stored photos and even synchronize it with your desktop or laptop computer via the its own tallying software known as Timehop Sync.

You will literally have no problems whatsoever while using the application as it is very user friendly and very stress-free to asses all through.



  • It has a very nice presentation that makes it easy on the eyes
  • It jogs up your memories giving complete information on your whereabouts using the updates of status on social media at that particular moment in time
  • It has support for numerous networks
  • The images have a time stamp on them giving you the exact memory of a certain date
  • It is free of charge


  • It does not support more than a single account with the same social network.


This marvelous app takes us back in time to the good old days especially if you are an outgoing socialite with lots of friends. It can be rather difficult to have all chronologic memories after countless Facebook and Twitter updates in addition to a large Instagram image library. Timehop brings them all to you systematically as per your requested date.

Download links: Apple iTunes, Google Play



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