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3D Halo Reach Demo Excites Gamers, Bungie Backtracks

Call off the excitement, there's no 3D Halo

Aug 20 2010, 6:49am CDT | by

3D Halo Reach Demo Excites Gamers, Bungie Backtracks

The Internets lit up like a Christmas tree yesterday after news of a 3D demo of Halo: Reach being shown at the European Gamescom show was being passed around. But Bungie later clarified it had nothing to do with the 3D tech.

When conventioneers saw a 3D video of Halo Reach being played on a giant screen at Gamescom, it wasn't long before bloggers and news websites started posting about it. The images spread like wildfire and the rumor mills began cranking as gamers posited about the implications of a 3D version of the classic Xbox 360 shooter franchise.

However, Halo developer Bungie put out an official statement to get people to back off the story, saying it had absolutely no involvement in the 3D demo.

"It's actually got nothing to do with us," said Bungie's Brian Jarrard. "It's a Toshiba TV demo in the booth. It's actually for their TV hardware. It's got nothing to do with Xbox or the game itself." So it actually was just Toshiba showing off its ability to convert a 2D image into a 3D picture in real-time.

Microsoft has been clear on its stand that it sees absolutely no value in steroscopic 3D gaming at this point. However, it has said the Xbox 360 is capable of producing content if developers want to. So far there are no big-name 3D projects that have been announced for the console.

Jarrard even went so far as to say that Bungie was "terrified" when it saw the 3D rumors buzzing around. And just to put a lid on the whole thing, he added, "I can assure you there is no 3D-enabled build. We don't have any specific support for anything like that in our game."

Via Eurogamer

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