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PS3, Xbox 360 Releases Of NBA Jam Will Be Packaged Retail

That's what happens when you put Palin and Obama in the same game

Oct 15 2010, 1:26am CDT | by

PS3, Xbox 360 Releases Of NBA Jam Will Be Packaged Retail

EA Sports' remake of the classic arcade basketball game NBA Jam was originally just going to be released on the Wii. Now that it's coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360, EA has confirmed that both new platforms will be getting full, disc-based, packaged retail products.

This quashes speculation that the game, which isn't all that sophisticated, might be pushed out as a downloadable title on the two higher-capacity consoles. Alas, that's not the case as EA obviously sees high sales potential for Jam.

EA Sports Vancouver PR director Jen Riley said unequivocally in a Kotaku interview, "We are shipping 'Jam' in a box on [Xbox 360 and PS3]." There are rumors that the two platforms will get NBA Jam on November 18, but EA has yet to confirm an official release date.

NBA Jam is a simplistic basketball game with a highly stylized graphical style that makes it an accessible and fun game for everyone. It was set to be a fairly niche product aimed at casual gamers but its buzz has gone through the roof after it was discovered that politicians like Barack Obama, George Bush, and Sarah Palin are playable characters in the game.

Now everyone wants a copy of the game so they can put their favorite political icons on their team and kick the *** off the politicians on the other side.

Via MTV Multiplayer

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