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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: All The Coolest New Features

You got your iOS in my OS X!

Feb 28 2011, 11:02am CST | by

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: All The Coolest New Features
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A Lion is coming to a desktop near you. Apple's OS X 10.7 will be the next great leap forward for Macs. So what can you, the user expect? I've combed through forums and Apple fan sites to bring you a list of the most interesting features in 10.7. Buckle up and settle in, because there's a hell of a lot to cover.

PC Migration Assistance: Apple is going to make it easier than ever to switch from PC to Mac. New Lion machines will include a migration assistant compatible with Windows PCs. You'll just need to download the MigrationAssistantSetup program from Apple to start moving files from your old PC to your new Mac.

The Ultimate Remote Desktop: You're sitting in your office on your MacBook, when you realize that the presentation due today is still sitting on your Mac's hard drive at home. To make matters worse your significant other, who works from home, is using the computer for a conference call right now. What's to be done?

Well, if you have OS X 10.7, you'll be able to hop into your documents while your partner or child is logged into a different account. Remotely. This process billed as completely seamless. The other person won't even know you've done anything.

WebKit 2.0: Mac users will notice some major changes to Safari in Lion. This version of the OS uses WebKit 2.0 in its Safari browser. What does this mean for you? More security ans faster content delivery. If you're browsing in tabs and one tab crashes, you won't have to shut down the entire browser. Only that tab will die. It's all about making your life easier.

Disappearing Scroll Bars: Say goodbye to your scroll bars. Well, unless you need them. Mac is gaining another iOS-y improvement here. Scroll bars will now be invisible unless you actively mouse over the side to scroll down. This means more screen real-estate for you.

Bye Bye, Front Row and Java Runtime: Front Row, Apple's media center system, doesn't really fit in a world with the new iOS-based Apple TV. So it is dying in Lion. Along with Java Runtime on the Mac. That's right: your 10.7 desktop won't have Runtime at launch. Lion will automatically look online for Mac-compatible versions of Java apps if you attempt to use one.

Don't worry, though. If you really need Java, Lion knows where to find it. But it'll do whatever it can to avoid making that install. This is step one on Apple's road to a Java-free Mac.

Signature Capture: Tired of printing out documents, signing them and then scanning them back in? Apple knows what you think is a pain in the butt. And they've added in a Signature Capture system in Lion to make it easier. Just scan in your signature and Lion will allow you to stick it on a document in Preview. Early reports claim the feature works extremely well.

Crash or Continue?: If an app messes up in Lion, you'll now have the option to crash the app or continue running it. This means you'll have a chance to save or transfer data before killing a malfunctioning application.

Push Notifications: This doesn't appear to be fully functional yet, but there's evidence Apple plans to bring push notifications to OS X 10.7. If you'd like to be notified whenever you receive an email or whenever a download finishes, you'll be able to program your Mac to push those messages to you in a variety of ways.

Podcast Publisher: Just what it sounds like. This content creation app will allow you to record, edit, add in multimedia to and publish podcasts.

OS X 10.7 Release Date: Apple has only giving a vage Summer 2011 release date for OS X 10.7. Depending how well the developer release works the release might be early, but could also happen as late as September.

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