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White iPod Touch On The Way?

Could it be?

Jul 25 2011, 2:15pm CDT | by

White iPod Touch On The Way?

Die-hard iPhone fans already had to wait an ungodly amount of time before they were able to buy a white version of the device that was originally promised to be near the first iPhone 4 launch. But those who only want an iPod Touch have been completely out of luck when it comes to bleaching their favorite app- and music-player.

That is, until now.

Apple fan site has posted pictures of what appears to be the casing of a white iPod Touch, likely a fourth or fifth generation version of the device.

If the latter, that would likely mean Apple is planning on both a black and a white version of its next generation of iPod Touch, rather than releasing a white version of the already-available iPod Touch models.

Surely anyone who was holding off on buying an iPod Touch until there was a white model available has given up by now, but perhaps it will happen after all.

But then again, the promise of an alternate-color Apple product and the reality of such a fantasy are two different things.

Apple fans will easily remember what a seemingly unnecessary wait there was for the white iPhone 4 to be released. After countless delays, terse press releases, and no apologies from Apple, the colorless version of the iPhone 4 ended up finally making its way to stores about a year after the original black model.

It was supposed to be released within a matter of days after the iPhone 4 launch. Many just shook their heads in dismay, unable to comprehend what could be so difficult about simply replacing black pieces of plastic with white ones.

Apple's Phil Schiller notably remarked about the delay, "It's not as simple as making something white. There's a lot more that goes into both the material science of it and how it holds up over time but also in how it all works with the sensors."

Via 9to5Mac

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