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Verizon Plans Upgrade Fee

$30 to get a new phone

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Verizon Plans Upgrade Fee

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Verizon Plans Upgrade Fee

Once you reach the glorious moment that is your Verizon smartphone upgrade window, be prepared to loosen your wallet a bit more.

The company has announced that it will begin charging users $30 when they buy a new phone. And that's only after they've had their current phone for an extended period of time and are in the upgrade eligible window.

When you go into a Verizon (or any other carrier's) store, and you pay $200 for a smartphone, the carrier actually loses money on that phone, sometimes to the tune of hundreds of dollars per phone.

The good news, for the carrier, of course is that the margins on mobile service are much higher. Like, ridiculously higher. So, by making you sign a two-year service agreement, the carrier is guaranteed to recoup the money that it lost on the actual phone during the duration of your service.

That's why carriers are justified in charging outrageous fees if you want to end your contract early, and also why you aren't allowed to upgrade your phone usually until at least your current service agreement is about to expire.

Okay, so with all that said, the problem for carriers is that right now, smartphone sales are exploding. It takes time to make up that lost money, and keeping up with the growth in sales right now is tough.

That's why upgrade fees have been introduced. Of course, increased costs or pressure on companies never means they have to make sacrifices. It means you do, because they pass that onto the consumer.

Even with Verizon's new fee, it still isn't the most consumer-unfriendly carrier when it comes to upgrading. AT&T was already charging an $18 fee to upgrade when no one else was, and recently it shot that up to $36.


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Update: 11

Info about the Motorola Moto S starts to appear

Source: Cool Smart Phone

Rumours about Motorola and their next line of devices are all over the Internet at the moment, we’ve heard about the Moto X+1, the Moto G2 and also the potential Nexus device codenamed Shamu. Well a photo of the screen protector Motorola devices ship with has appeared online showing the name Moto S and it looks pretty big. TKTech the guys who have got their hands on this device have posted some specs and info about the devic ...
Source: Cool Smart Phone   Full article at: Cool Smart Phone 4 days ago, 4:55am CDT


Update: 10

Verizon Now Allows Customers to Make Unlimited Calls for $60

Source: IBTimes UK

Verizon's Single Line tariff plan also offers 2GB of free internet access ...
Source: IBTimes UK   Full article at: IBTimes UK 4 days ago, 4:25am CDT

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Update: 9

How Verizon lets its copper network decay to force phone customers onto fiber (Jon Brodkin/Ars Technica)

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Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica: How Verizon lets its copper network decay to force phone customers onto fiber  —  The shift from copper landlines to fiber-based voice networks is continuing apace, and no one wants it to happen faster than Verizon.  —  Internet users nationwide are clamoring for fiber ...
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Update: 7

Ticket Demand For Cavaliers Road Games Higher Than In Cleveland

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When LeBron James announced that he’d be returning to Cleveland to after four years with the Miami Heat, the basketball world was immediately turned upside down.  The Cavs, who had not made the playoffs in the four years since his departure, became instant favorites to win the NBA championship.  The Heat, who had for years been the defacto 800-pound NBA gorilla, became a long-shot with one contract.  For the 2014-15 season, the Heat now have slightly better odds to win the NBA title than the Cha ...
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Update: 6

T-Mobile's unlimited data is only unlimited if you follow the rules

Source: TechRadar UK

T-Mobile has worked hard to cultivate its image as the "un-carrier," but that doesn't mean it has no rules for users.Those on unlimited data plans, for example, can only use those plans for approved purposes, the carrier has revealed.Customers who use their T-Mobile unlimited data plans for things like peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing or always-on webcams or servers will soon receive notices from the carrier, reports Re/code.T-Mobile wants to reach out to them and ...
Source: TechRadar UK   Full article at: TechRadar UK 6 days ago, 4:07pm CDT

Update: 5

How Verizon lets its copper network decay to force phone customers onto fiber

Source: Ars Technica

Aurich Lawson The shift from copper landlines to fiber-based voice networks is continuing apace, and no one wants it to happen faster than Verizon. Internet users nationwide are clamoring for fiber, as well, hoping it can free them from slower DSL service or the dreaded cable companies. But not everyone wants fiber, because, when it comes to voice calls, the newer technology doesn’t have all the benefits of the old copper phone network. In particular, fiber ...
Source: Ars Technica   Full article at: Ars Technica 1 week ago, 8:00pm CDT

Update: 4

Warren Buffett Takes New Stake In Charter Communications (CHTR, KO, BRKA, BRKB, VZ, STRZA, LMCA, COP, WFC, DTV)

Source: The Business Insider

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has taken a new 2.3 million share stake in Charter Communications worth more than $365 million.  In after hours trade on Thursday, Charter shares were up 1.8%.  Buffett's latest 13F filing with the SEC also showed that the investing legend increased his stake in Verizon substantially, adding about 4 million shares to bring his stake above 15 million shares worth about $733 million.  A 13F requires hedge funds to disclose their long positions w ...
Source: The Business Insider   Full article at: The Business Insider Aug 14 2014, 4:15pm CDT

Update: 3

T-Mobile planning to throttle some unlimited data users

Source: Neowin

Following a trend started by Verizon, a recently leaked memo suggests that T-Mobile will begin to throttle some unlimited data users that constantly misuse ...
Source: Neowin   Full article at: Neowin Aug 13 2014, 9:46pm CDT

Update: 2

T-Mobile announces plan to throttle those abusing 'unlimited' data

Source: MacNN

On the heels of Verizon's announcement that it will periodically throttle the LTE speeds of its most prodigious users during times of network congestion, a leak from T-Mobile has revealed a similar program -- but with a different approach. Rather than targeting a certain percentage of the heaviest users without discrimination, the carrier plans to first educate and then restrict the speeds of only those u ...
Source: MacNN   Full article at: MacNN Aug 13 2014, 8:36pm CDT

Update: 1

Rugged Kyocera Brigadier brings the brawn (pictures)

Source: CNet

Equipped with Kyocera's Sapphire Shield display, the Brigadier for Verizon is a water resistant phone that can survive pretty much anything yo ...
Source: CNet   Full article at: CNet Aug 13 2014, 7:29pm CDT

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