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Apple's Secrecy blown by leaking iPhone 5 Parts

Aug 13 2012, 9:00am CDT | by , in Rumors | Apple

Apple's Secrecy blown by leaking iPhone 5 Parts

We basically know how the iPhone 5 will look like. No surprise here. Which is a total blow to Apple's well known secrecy.

Apple is rumored to unveil the new iPhone 5 on September 12. We are only one month away and we actually know most about the iPhone 5. There has been a tremendous influx of leaked iPhone 5 parts over the last weeks that you can go an assemble the iPhone 5 yourself. See video below.

What is happening to Apple's notorious secrecy? Why is Apple not preventing these leaks? The parts look really very legit by now. Case, front, logic board, new dock connector, battery, etc. Basically all parts have leaked. I have not see the display yet, but maybe we see it this week.

Part leakage also happened before the iPhone 4S launched, but this time it is much more dramatic. Unless these are all fake, the iPhone 5 unveiling will be not a big surprise. I have a little hope that there will be more than one iPhone 5 model. One high-end model we do not know nothing about and this new iPhone 5 that looks like the iPhone 4S but has a larger screen and a less costly case design.

The new iPhone 5 is expected to be announced on September 12. The iPhone 5 sales are then to begin September 21. Rumored features of the new iPhone 5 include a larger screen, A6 CPU, iOS 6, small dock connector, 4G LTE and NFC. The overall design would not change dramatically, only the backside material is not glass anymore. More iPhone 5 Rumors.

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